Satellite Television

Collective reception of satellite signals is carried out with a satellite dish or a group of antennas aimed at different satellites, a few consumer devices (satellite receiver). Technical solutions for collective reception are different, and their choice depends primarily on the number of connected consumer devices. This may be an apartment with several TVs, and a tenement house with hundreds of subscribers. In latter requires a rather complex and expensive equipment, and the actual implementation of this decision will be a cable system. Often people are interested in low-cost and effective solutions to distribute the satellite signal into several neighboring apartments or on the number of televisions in the apartment (house), including, if an existing connection to satellite television.

In this article consider a simple technical solution for a community reception with the use of converters. Advantages of collective reception of satellite television: optimizing the placement of satellite dishes on the roof; simultaneous independent signal reception by each subscriber unit, the cost effectiveness of installing satellite tv systems. Principles of construction of the reception of satellite signal using This converter system is designed for 2-8 user devices and is the perfect solution for owners of multiple televisions or amicable neighbors. Implementation of decisions: To construct a system of collective reception satellite signal will require converters with not one, but with 8.2 independent outputs. Installation of satellite dish and its setting is the same as when an individual is connected. At the same time laid a separate cable from the satellite dish to each receiver. Group cables fastened nylon ties, or laid in gofrorukave before entering the room, and then diluted according to plan deployment of subscriber units. Now Each subscriber will be able to independently watch satellite tv, and choose any channels that set the overall dish (a group of antennas).