Compact Excavator Convinced

Uncompromising quality and a wide range of machines from WACKER Neuson Schinnen / Netherlands. -The Dutch rental Park companies van der Linden Groen has expanded its rental Park fleet. For this reason was looking for a powerful compact excavators. In a comparison test with various competitive machines, the compact excavator 14504 crystallized quickly from WACKER Neuson out as a solution in this class. “The first usage in the Dutch Schinnen the purchase decision, because the expectations were even exceeded”, confirmed as the manufacturer. The approximately 15 tons operating weight is spread when the 14504 only 2.79 m 2.49 m width and height. All already indicates the compact basic concept of the excavator.

“The performance data also speak for themselves”, it says. The adjustable power with up to 74.9 kW (101,9PS), a burial depth of 5.5 m and a balanced stability are decisive for a compact excavator in this weight class. Is the heart and thus the basis for the development and performance of a Deutz turbo diesel engine. “This developed an impressive force despite a low nominal speed of 2000 RPM over the whole performance range reliably”, writes of the manufacturer. However, much power is not tantamount to much diesel consumption.

Because a measurable savings results in combination with the flow reduction, as well as the optional pump power adjustment for the auxiliary hydraulics. Basically, the driver between a maximum and a reduced pumping capacity can choose. An additional three-stage pumps regulation avoids that runs the dredger always under full load, and helps to work efficiently and economically. John van der Linden, Managing Director of the rental Park company, was immediately convinced of the virtues of the powerhouses: “the 14504 matches my needs: what turns compact, agile and powerful, with the demolition of factory premises.” The 14-ton class which is unique in Neuson compact excavator WACKER.” Performance, quality, and of course a comprehensive Three pillars of a functioning relationship are services. This confirms also Lambert Hamm, seller of the Dutch importer of the manufacturer, Colle from Sittard. “Uncompromising quality and a wide range of performance like in the machines from WACKER Neuson are becoming increasingly important to our customers”, he says. “In addition, good services gaining importance, because they guarantee that the machines work reliably and instantaneously.” For years, works the company van der Linden with compact construction machines from the manufacturer and certify them reliability and value for money. Beside the newly ordered machine, the compact excavator 14504, the company is already in the possession of several compact excavators, wheel and track dumpers.