Static Major System

Little say about each of the branches of mechanics. Static Major concepts and axioms of statics. The subject of statics. Basic concepts of statics: an absolutely rigid body, force, and equivalent balancing system of forces, resultant forces external and internal. The axioms of statics. Communication and response relationships. The main types of bonds: a smooth surface or plane, smooth base, a flexible filament, cylindrical and spherical joints, weightless rod, the reaction of these bonds.

The system of converging forces. Geometric and analytical methods of addition of forces. Converging forces. The resultant of forces converging. Geometric and analytic conditions of equilibrium of forces converging. Equilibrium of an arbitrary system of forces.

Moment of force about a point (the center) as a vector. A pair of forces, moment of the couple. Properties of a pair of forces. The concept of bringing the system of forces to a given center. The principal vector and principal moment of forces. The equilibrium conditions for an arbitrary system of forces applied to the solid. System of forces applied on the plane (a plane system of forces). Algebraic value of torque. (Calculation the principal vector and principal moment of a plane system of forces. The equilibrium conditions for a plane system of parallel forces. Varinona theorem about the moment resultant. (The balance of forces). The system forces stationed in space (Spatial force system). Moment of force about the axis. The relationship between the moments of force about the center and about an axis passing through the center (Analytical formulas for calculating the moments of force with respect to three axes.