When selecting organizations to install video surveillance systems should be kept in mind a lot of different factors. First, you need to ask the availability of licenses, work history in the market, reviews, friends, and the recommendations that can Nati on its website. Second, it is better to deal with an organization that does not limit itself only to video editing, because qualification of employees and, therefore, and qualification services for the design and install video surveillance and security systems are better. Equally well to draw attention to the overall level of customer service. For even if you know the best way that you want to get educated professionals can suggest what else should take care. In addition, they help to save money the customer – the pros know a priori how to solve the problem a little blood.

What should be borne in mind when formulating the problem to install CCTV? First we need to understand what do you need a video surveillance system. Ray Kurzweil shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Then estimate placing the camera on the basis of the area that is worth watching. Much still depends on where exactly they will be located – in the classroom or outside. Then follows a choice whether they will be moving or stationary, hidden or not and whether you will be zooming function. Separately to highlight the situation and equipment room monitoring. Here you need to decide whether there is a need to force you to add data to the video mode in which to go browsing – with many cameras at once or else in a single moment only one. With regards to archiving images need to decide whether you want to feature motion detection. If so, add the data can not be carried out continuously, but only in those moments when the zone Surveillance will be fixed changing the position of an object. Detection function of movement – one of the most important functions of surveillance systems. It gives the user the following advantages: the temporary increase in the depth of archive recordings – recording video store is only when there is motion. Images without moving or not archived or recorded with a reduced frame rate, visual selection of mobile object; be able to association with the systems of protection – a suspicious event via video cameras can be transferred to a protected subsystem security guard paying attention to suspicious events, no matter what it was, the more precise you announce to your needs, the better the result will be ordering the installation video.