Videoproject Garden Modern Technologies

With today's technology has a great opportunity – to revive the project: as a supplement to the standard project area – to create videoprogulku buduyuschemu garden. To this end, our specialists use specialized program Realtime Landscaping Architect (analog her – Realtime Landscaping pro), which is being simple to use and allows you to create decent results. Here, revives all: swaying trees and flowers, byut fountains, murmuring brooks, swimming fish, butterflies and birds sing. Realtime Landscaping Architect has in its database 12,800 objects, including one plant – 5700. Also, this program lets you create your brand new 3D objects and paste ready, such as software – Google SketchUp, 3D Max and OnyxGARDEN.

Main advantage of digital technologies is that the screen image is plastic and change. Inteaktivnom design allows not only to improve the professional effectiveness of the designer, but also to strengthen the participation of customer in the project. With videovizualizatsii can: – walk through the garden of what was intended at the design stage – compare garden day and night – to show the lighting system and avtopolivom – solve 'problem' places in the garden, where customer and performer doubt in making decisions only on future perspectives. To create such a garden it is required to video project detailed documentation: – subbase plot (Geodetic Surveying or areas with fairly uncomplicated terrain and small size of the area is sufficient and froze) – plans and elevations of all buildings on the site – pictures of the site. And, if the finished video and add music, it will be twice as nice 'walk' on projected garden. The site shows 6 ready-videos, including at night. View examples of our video works if you have any questions about operation of the program Realtime Landscaping Architect, in particular for creating video, ask them us on a site you can see the garden of your dreams and virtually walk through it, yet going construction work on the house. Let's create a video project future garden.