Tamara Sanchez

Every individual who enters an organization does so with a personality, defined traits that have given rise to a behavior, behavior that produces results and should be sabersele properly handle, avoiding organizational conflicts may not appear, the product of the same individual. In order to avoid the manifest problems, conflicts generated by the worker should be definirsele its tasks, what is expected of it, to assess their performance, productivity, commitment, responsibility, attendance, group membership and the organization, provide the support required should also be clearly identified their needs, aspirations, achievements, behavior, be attentive to their concerns, training, development, creativity, the way how it is integrated with your work team motivation.

Take into account that when a conflict occurs has given way to an environment, climate, bad for the organization, should be tested immediately because it has generated, the reason for its manifestation, consequences, effects and search immediately to avoid solutions that not only lead to a negative situation for the company for the group, for individual, self-esteem, performance and above all not happen again. Sabersele must negotiate, avoid coming back, to hold each of its consequences, to take disciplinary action if necessary, and above all, each actor responsible for an undertaking that does not give back. In a conflict situation created by the individual in the organization, consider valuable, we lay some contributions Tamara Sanchez, like, that no level of conflict can be taken as acceptable in all conditions. It is likely that a particular group, inserted in a given circumstance, is presented the conflict as healthy and positive..