The Advantages Of PVC Window

– Durability of plastic and glass structures: As the tests are durable plastic box as PVC profile does not lose its performance in a temperate climate and 40 years. According to test results Company Tryba made of PVC windows withstood 300 000 opening / closing cycles with a load of 50 kg, providing 140 years of normal use. The conclusion is – if the windows are made of all quality standards and correctly installed, their replacement can not think of at least 25 years old, and even 50. – Resistant to all types of weathering: Plastic windows are also resistant to sunlight, and under their influence do not change color. Plastic frame when rainfall does not deform with time, does not swell or crack. – Sealing: PVC windows more tightly pressed to the frames through a robust fitting and a rubber or silicone sealant, which improves heat and sound insulation.

Because of the absence of cracks in the frames of the premises significantly reduced the amount of dust. – No need for additional decoration: During the entire period use plastic windows, doors do not lose their original color. Forever there is no need to repair, paint and caulk frame. Unlike wood windows, plastic windows are not affected by the process of decay and deformation. – High levels of thermal protection and insulation: Sealed insulating glass construction prevents the heated air emitted from the premises to the wind. Due to this house becomes noticeably warmer. Closed windows in the house does not get street noise.

You can sleep in peace, without fear of waking up from a sudden roar of thunder Exciting car or tram. – High technology manufacturing ready-made window: Workmanship of our finished products are guaranteed by the fact that she is at the high-precision equipment German and Italian companies with large production capacity. – The cost of PVC windows: The cost of purchase and installation Plastic windows are much smaller compared to the cost of acquisition derevyannh windows, as production of PVC windows is more efficient through the use of inexpensive polymeric materials.