The Possibility

Then, Vieira (2010) approaches that: ' ' In such a way, the familiar planning must be understood as a strategy that, adjusted ace characteristic sociocultural places, promotes education in reproductive health, disponibilize available contraceptive methods and guarantees the professional assistance at an opportune moment, daily pay-concepcional' ' (Vieira, 2010.p.8). Farmacolgicos aspects of the contraceptive ones you pray As already displayed above it is basic to understand the aspects farmacolgicos of these drugs so that eventual complications or indesejados effect can be applied with bigger security, preventing. In agreement with the study of Carreno et al. (2006): ' ' The contraceptive methods are the allies of the couple/partners to reach success in the familiar planning, preventing pregnancies not desired with its adjusted use, beyond the condoms to provide the prevention of sexually transmissible illnesses and the AIDS. Innumerable contraceptive methods exist, but it is known that, in Brazil, it has hegemony of two methods in special, the verbal contraception and the tie tubria' ' (CARRENO et al., 2006, p.1102). The contraceptive ones you pray (STEEL) are divided in two widely used contraceptive classrooms in the basic attention: the associations of estrgenos/progestin (these calls of hormonais methods combined single-phase, two-phase or three-phase) and only with progestin (minipills) (DAVID et al., 2009).

The STEEL agreed contains two synthetic hormones, the estrognio and the progestognio, fellow creatures to the produced ones for the ovrio of the woman and more is known as pill being the available more efficient reversible methods contraceptive and at the same time they are used in Brazil (BRAZIL, 2009). The particularitity marcante of the STEEL is the use easiness, even so the biggest problem is the fact of the necessity of daily ingestion that in turn can confer the possibility of if having frequent esquecimento, with increase of the contraceptive failure rate (GILLIAM, KNIGHT and MCCARTHY, 2004). Thinking about this above-mentioned reason, it fits to the health professional that is in the fornecimentos of aconselhamentos of this STEEL, to emphasize the way adjusted for its use, that is, to excuse to orientaes how much its dosages and optimum schedule for its ingestion, so that the possible collateral effect have its tax of reduced incidence.