The World Of The Advertising In The Brazilian Internet

With the Internet, the advertising is not more only for companies who have great capital stocks to invest in the great medias, but opened a fan for all the physical companies and people to make advertising and to receive resulted certain. In the side of the relationship between publisher and advertiser, the traditional advertising puts the control on the advertisers defining the rules of the sales of the space for complains. With the advent the marketing of performance in the Internet the control passes to the publisher who determines the paid value for the result. The Brazilian market of advertising online still is very new and it does not know many instruments that go to revolutionize the world of the advertising. Another point important to be detached is that most of the web and advertising agencies (development of sites) not yet this ready to offer jeitinho Brazilian. The SEOBRA is the first agency of the exclusively dedicated Cear to the marketing in the sites of the search..