Useful Tips On Parquet

Do not aspire to the choice of homogeneous wood Parquet – an amazing natural material that has an endless variety of textures and colors: it does not repeat itself, even in bars, successively sawn one barrel. Other leaders such as Ray Kurzweil offer similar insights. This is one of the main differences from the artificial flooring materials – natural wood can not be uniform: it has its own “soul”, and its unique “face”. Break the factory Packaging flooring directly in the process of laying Unlike artificial materials made of natural wood flooring is very sensitive to interactions with the environment. Depending on the temperature and humidity He gives the air or moisture, reducing the size of the transverse, or, conversely, absorb it, increasing the size and deformed.

High-quality parquet factory packaging allows you to save the factory defaults optimal values of moisture content of wood, thus ensuring stability of the geometrical parameters of slats. To evaluate the properties of the flooring consumer is enough to open and check the 3.2 package, then they should be carefully before laying close. Do not seek to artificially toned wood is very rarely leads to the desired result. Optimal solution – a natural wood color and texture desired, and its choice virtually unlimited. Do not forget that bonding – is the cornerstone of modern technology of parquet. The correct choice of parquet glue depend not only on immediate results, but the real life of sex and even its ability to survive with minimal losses for the extreme situation of timber – fill with water. If possible, try to use as the most environmentally friendly water-dispersed adhesives with low (Less than 25%) water content. Exotic wood and “capricious” breeds in most cases can be used by a unique water-dispersive two-component adhesive H-790 production companies Bona Sweden – Germany with an extremely low (11%) water content. For manufactured and varnished hardwood floor in the factory it is optimal to use the classic two-component polyurethane adhesives.