Vitalis House PSAP

The guardian system “Gabriel” used with success the guardian system “Gabriel” the company of Vitalis home emergency call has been successfully used for the first time and was able to prove himself. In the evening a diseased dementia participants using the system, left the security area, where these participants to move. Because the Subscriber is not 100%, he was also no longer alone home. Vitalis House PSAP realized this and promptly alerted the supervisor of the participant. Since a direct threat had to be assumed, the police was alarmeirt, after consultation with the workers, which after only a few minutes took the participants without much effort, thanks to the exact GPS location of the Vitalis House PSAP, and could bring home. We all know the discovery messages on radio and television and the laborious attempts of the authorities to uncover the senseless person. Here could avoid a larger search through our Guardian Angel system “Gabriel” and the participants are safely brought home. Mike Fullbeck Vitalis home emergency call.