Vladimir Putin

European thought was distorted beyond recognition in the Russian intelligentsia consciousness. Western science, the Western mind assumes the character of certain deities, the critical unknown West. And, as contemporaries Peter in the West would hardly call it Westerner (so as to drive the peasants in the Ural factories for the sake of obtaining equipment for the army, and the Baltic wetlands for the construction there is unreasonably large palaces and squares – is not quite Western path of development), and now Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev is unlikely to be called Democrats and liberals in the West, although they consider themselves liberals and Westerners. It is the fact that so much of Russia copied from foreign designs in a distorted way, the first point of view based on the existence of Russia: Russia as some kind of community is not unique and therefore not so important, where are its boundaries. Russia is seen by some "Technical" state, but no civilization or podtsivilizatsiey. The second point of view on the existence of Russia: Russia had existed before 1917, but until this moment on she had nothing left. Those who adhere to this point of view, appeal to the successes of the Russian Empire, which was a lot (a huge area, the strong international position, economic success is the early 20 th century, and most importantly – the presence of certain traditions, moral and cultural). After that, as "communists" destroyed all that came before them, destroying themselves from Russia's nothing left – some say the researchers. .