It is in this phase where the pages HTML, buttons, links, forms and animaes in flash will be created (from the layout before drawn). To execute this task the Webdesigner professional must have the same cited knowledge previously already. To the end of this stage a static site and without content is had. Programming of the Site This stage consists of becoming the gerencivel site, that is, of form that the proper customer can modify texts, images and animation in Flash, through an administrator of easy understanding. This phase must be made by a programmer (to webdeveloper) with knowledge in HTML, data base and programming language. Nowadays it has a series of programming languages that can be used, amongst the most common ASP, PHP, and Java. Publication of the Site the publication of the site consists of publishing the site in a server in the Internet (for this it is necessary to have an account of Lodging of site), making the adjustments and configurations Lodging of site for Web. Suppliers of lodging of sites typically are companies who supply a space in its servers and connection to the Internet to these data to its customers To have an account of Lodging of site means to rent a space (in Megabytes or Gigabytes) in the HD of a server of a supplier of Lodging of Sites.

This space will serve to publish the archives of its site, that is, the pages in HTML, the archives of programming, the data base, the texts, the images, the animaes, etc. To house its site are necessary so that it can at any time be had access by any user of any place and of the day or the night! You are welcome ahead to create a site and to leave it in its computer. The users of the world all will not obtain to have access its computer to see its site. With an account of site lodging its site will only be available 24 hours per day in the Internet! Different Plans the difference of the lodging plans are related to the resources that its site will need the server (machine where its site will be housed) stops to focar natural (or organic) of the search mechanisms.? Links sponsored is paid announcements in the sites of search? email marketing – the email marketing consists of going off a part advertising executive, for email, the users in the Internet? spreading in social nets