Machines Beings

INTRODUCTION Has much time the importance of interaoentre human beings is studied and each perceived time more as basic. Our proper biology in them stimulates in the promotion of social interactions since onosso birth, constituting, as we know well, primordial factor sobrevivncia of the neonatos of our species; we need to be well-taken care of for outroshumanos or, very probably, we will perish (BAUMEISTER, 1995). However, asinteraes between human beings are not important only for our imaturidadebiolgica. It is in the interaction with other beings of our species that in the tornamossujeitos, that we define in, that we give them meanings to the world, that vivenciamosas social rules, we learn our possibilities and also our limitations, at last, is in this relation that we constitute in them as truily human. However, many modifications have occurred in the amount and, over all, naqualidade of these interactions in the modern societies, clearly influenciadaspelas cultural and technological transformations.

The present objective work to make a summarized quarrel soon about daatual conjectura of the relations human beings of modernity, aiming at primordialmenteuma analysis of the consequences of the esfacelamento of these for the society deum general way; the focus is the relation between great reduction of interactions human beings, excess of relations with machines and violent behavior/intolerncia. Otexto will make use of concepts of the pragmatismo and will always consider the individual emuma perspective contingencial. QUARREL To be a human being is to be a citizen, and this significapoder to describe it proper itself and its fellow creatures with a vocabulary that nodescreve physical marks or characteristics. To describe the citizen it is to precisofazer use of the intentional vocabulary, mental or psychological; to speak of beliefs, desires, fears, expectations, dreams, ideals, shame, hatred, love, cynicism, escrpulos, audacity etc., things that consist and only are are seen as a way to make or to express something, are an action in same itself (HEIFER JNIOR, 1994)) they cannot be disrespected when we say noprocesso to become subject.