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Ancient Egyptian Artifacts

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This is the breadbasket of Egypt, and farmers here in the Egyptian standards, live more or less decently. But if a little away from the Nile, a little deeper into the desert, with the life of the ancient Egyptians can be already acquainted firsthand – the people here live in some mud holes, the impression that this is footage of the famous Polish film "Pharaoh". Complements the picture of the sand, covering a thick layer of home and natives who catching sight of tourist buses, slow march to the bus stop, holding at about the camels, to cut down on the rich foreigners a few dollars for photographing the ship of the desert. Ancient Egyptian reality becomes even more palpable when the ship sails to the place where the focus grandiose temples – Luxor and Edfu. For example, the Edfu temple is located in the city, and the nearby old quarter, which appeared several thousand years later, most of the monolith, designed in the same red and yellow color scheme and its architecture is identical to the buildings surrounding the church back in antiquity.

And these homes are inhabited by people whose way of life and welfare is likely not changed much from the epoch of the Pharaohs. At least, this conclusion is, judging by the desperation in the eyes of local merchants, with whom they force tourists nemudryaschie souvenirs. Kind of them such as if they immediately die if they did not buy the "Ancient Egyptian" papyrus or some dubious statuette. Against this background of abject poverty splendor of ancient temples is really amazing. Unique austere elegance of breathing temple of Queen Hatshepsut, with its beautiful murals depicting the Egyptian ambassadors to travel to the far southern country of Punt. Involuntarily overflows with pride in the genus man who thousands of years ago with primitive technology (the version of the alien origin of the pyramids and other ancient Egyptian masterpieces of architecture, we, of course, reject) were able to create incredible man-made wonders. But then a thought: how much back-breaking slave labor, intellectual energy engineers and architects, inspired artists, and have invested their lives in the building completely, in general, useless pyramids and stone giants as tall as a five-story house, depicting some of Thutmose or Ramses!

UTC Time

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Computer network – one of the most difficult aspects of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Logistics connection terminals, routers, printers and other devices – a headache. One of the most important aspect that is often overlooked, which in turn leads to deplorable consequences – time synchronization. It is necessary that the time for all devices on the network to coincide with the time stamp of the format, with which Computers broadcast time to each other – the only reporting system that uses a computer to determine the sequence of events. If the machine will show the same network at different times, there may be unintended consequences, such as e-mail will come sooner than it technically was sent. Case and other anomalies, which only reinforce the administrative headaches. Moreover – Security unsynchronized network is always under the threat of fraud. Fortunately, the NTP time server is used for many years and makes the headache associated with the synchronization time.

NTP (Network Timing Protocol Time) – one of the oldest protocols used by computer networks. Designed nearly three decades ago, NTP – a protocol that checks the time on all network devices and adds or takes away some amount of time, ensuring their synchronization. NTP requires time reference to synchronize the clock network. Since NTP can synchronize the network to any time, not required to have an authoritative time source. UTC (Universal Koordinovannoe time) – is an internationally used scale of time based on time, which shows an atomic clock. Since atomic clocks are losing less than a second time for over a thousand years, UTC is the best time source to synchronize the network. Thus, your network will not only be perfectly synchronized inside, it will also be synchronized in time with the millions of computers worldwide.

The NTP server can receive standard UTC time from multiple sources. The most common source is the Internet, however, time sources on the Internet are not always accurate and inaccurate sources are unlikely to any creep at large rasstayanii. And if you place an NTP server firewall is netseloobraznym keep it open and allow the NTP server to collect resources across the network and thus the threat to expose the entire network, ishdya especially from the fact that NTP-authentication (security precaution of the NTP) is not possible on the Internet. There are two much more reliable and accurate method for obtaining a time standard UTC. The first – to use the national time and transfer of the frequencies transmitted by physical laboratories in different countries. Basically it is the long-wave broadcasting, the advantage of them – the opportunity to catch them in the server room, although in many countries using such signals. Many of the NTP-servers, however, can catch the clock signal that is transmitted by atomic clocks built satellites GPS. This signal is available everywhere, but it takes a GPS-antenna with a net visibility of the sky. At using a source of UTC time using the GPS network or radio, you can synchronize your network to a few milliseconds of time UTC.

Biometric Systems Analysis

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Biometric systems: Analysis of Retina in a study of retina Access Control is one of the oldest biometric analysis. Already more than 70 years ago failed to establish that the arrangement of blood vessels in the eyes, was different in every human being. With the passing of the years, this idea took force, making it possible that patented the first reader of retina, which then went on the market at the beginning of the 1980s. A record of the retina, analyzes not only this part of the eye, but it also analyzes the layer of blood vessels in the back of the same. This is done using a low-intensity light source and an optical reader, which detects way accurate eye patterns. To ensure that a person subject to this type of analysis, it is necessary to remove his glasses, if the usa, put your eyes near the appliance and look towards a particular point. This point is usually a green flicker, which should see with attention for a few seconds, so that the mechanism can do their work.

By the general the process of capturing and matching of patterns takes about 10 seconds, so the system is not only effective, but also quick. A retinal scanner is a good option as access control system, because copying a retina, with all its elements, is an impossible task. On the other hand, not is you can trick the system with a retina of a dead person, because their deterioration is very fast and because there are systems that know are when dealing with living tissue or not. Such is the effectiveness of these devices, as many areas of restricted access such as military bases, nuclear power plants, embassies, laboratories, security agencies and other large organizations; make use of them. These places have been found on retina readers a system of access control inviolable and above all fast. The reason why these organizations have access to these readers is because they are the only ones that can afford to purchase this technology, since the prices of these devices are somewhat high. Biometric locks may be a good strategy, to improve the security in places like businesses, homes, schools, etc. These locks are based on biometric systems and only open when supplied an imprint, previously registered. Democratic incidence: RGP uses biometrics to prevent fraud DINAP S.R.L. pedestrian access Control and Vehicular DINAP S.R.L. sliding doors and automatic swivel biometric systems: analysis of Retina in a Access Control

Bruce Springsteen

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