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Medical Nanotechnology

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Nanotechnology and the fight against breast cancer Breast Cancer is a heterogeneous disease that has been known since long time ago does not behave alike in all women. It is different in a young woman in an old woman, or whether it occurs before or after menopause, explains Ricardo Fernandez, medical director of the IOB Bilbao-Bizkaia (Instituto Oncologico Baselga). This ancient empirical knowledge has a molecular basis whose mechanisms were revealing over the last century, but in recent years has acquired a spectacular development that justifies much of the advances that have occurred in the progress of this disease, says the expert. Recently described genetic profiles allow you to choose the cancer treatments and define forecasts more accurately. In addition, the division into molecular subgroups developed this decade, whose incorporation into daily practice is very common, allows you to customize treatments available improving prognosis and reducing toxicities.

Now We select best hormone treatment, says Fernandez. Moreover, today met several genes (BRCA 1 and 2) familial breast cancer, allowing to select women with increased risk of suffering from this disease to increase preventive measures and a more precocious diagnostic tests, indicates the medical director of the Bilbao-Bizkaia IOB. -The emergence of nanotechnology applied to drug engineering has allowed the development of drugs that improve efficiency and reduce toxicity. -Also have been developed other anti-tumour drugs with a toxicity profile more favorable and better tolerated – whose mechanism of action is aimed at blocking the production of blood vessels that nourish the tumor so that the tumor cells die because they can not feed. -Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease that has been known since long time ago does not behave alike in all women. -Division into molecular subgroups enables you to customize the treatments available against the breast cancer improving prognosis and reducing toxicities. -Several genes involved in familial breast cancer, allowing to select women with increased risk of suffering from this disease to increase preventive measures, the chances of finding a cure for cancer and tests are known more effective for more early diagnosis. -Treatments of support, to improve defenses, anaemia, reduce the vomiting, strengthen bones also have experienced an important development in this decade, which facilitates the management of this disease.

Some antitumor drugs not only knows better the biology of the tumor cell, but also the environment in which the cell grows. Thus, we have developed drugs whose mechanism of action is aimed at blocking the production of blood vessels that nourish the tumor (antiangiogenic drugs) so that the tumor cells die because they can not feed. Given that these drugs are directed against specific targets, they have also a different, better tolerated and more favorable toxicity profile. Another recent developments is the emergence of nanotechnology applied to drug engineering. According to the expert, have developed drugs that have come into use this year in Europe, and from a known molecule and adding nanoparticles to it, improve its efficacy and toxicity profile. This is a newly opened field that has enormous potential to achieve a possible cure for cancer. Also, new families of drugs are emerging, with different mechanisms of action that extend the therapeutic weaponry and known drugs are administered now by the oral route, facilitating their administration. Finally, treatments to improve defenses, anemia, support reduce the vomiting, strengthen bones also have experienced an important development in this decade what facilitates the handling of the disease, concludes Dr.

Advantages Of The Solar Panels At Home

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Advantages of the solar panels in house tea ever wondered why people today is accommodating with solar panels made at home instead of relying on both the convenience of public services electric or even the purchase of solar panels already made. Well, here are the main reasons why is good to have solar panels made in house. Great savings in the light of the Sun is the source of solar energy, it is really free. With solar panels at home he is actually making use of something that is free. You can finally say goodbye to pay large electricity bills. Good investment besides being eco-savings for your pocket and the environment, in the long run will continue saving in the Bill, with the time and taking enough solar panels to supply your entire House will have energy free for lifetime. Buy prefabricated solar panels is much more expensive to buy solar panels made at home, when you purchase the product, to make it work you have to spend money on installation and in the transport of goods. We carry a greener life, taking into account the origin of electricity, there is no attempt to more favourable environment to generate their own electricity.

We must not forget the importance of caring for our planet, the way how the energy from sunlight is collected and how it is converted for family consumption are all natural processes which will not affect the environment. In fact, if each family or person did, our planet could have cleaner air. It is also practical for remote areas of the planet where the electricity is far from being accessible, as the days of field, or rural areas, always can be prepared in advance a very useful solar panel to supply energy to small devices or recharge the batteries of mobile phones, laptops and rechargeable lamps.

Biometric Systems Analysis

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Biometric systems: Analysis of Retina in a study of retina Access Control is one of the oldest biometric analysis. Already more than 70 years ago failed to establish that the arrangement of blood vessels in the eyes, was different in every human being. With the passing of the years, this idea took force, making it possible that patented the first reader of retina, which then went on the market at the beginning of the 1980s. A record of the retina, analyzes not only this part of the eye, but it also analyzes the layer of blood vessels in the back of the same. This is done using a low-intensity light source and an optical reader, which detects way accurate eye patterns. To ensure that a person subject to this type of analysis, it is necessary to remove his glasses, if the usa, put your eyes near the appliance and look towards a particular point. This point is usually a green flicker, which should see with attention for a few seconds, so that the mechanism can do their work.

By the general the process of capturing and matching of patterns takes about 10 seconds, so the system is not only effective, but also quick. A retinal scanner is a good option as access control system, because copying a retina, with all its elements, is an impossible task. On the other hand, not is you can trick the system with a retina of a dead person, because their deterioration is very fast and because there are systems that know are when dealing with living tissue or not. Such is the effectiveness of these devices, as many areas of restricted access such as military bases, nuclear power plants, embassies, laboratories, security agencies and other large organizations; make use of them. These places have been found on retina readers a system of access control inviolable and above all fast. The reason why these organizations have access to these readers is because they are the only ones that can afford to purchase this technology, since the prices of these devices are somewhat high. Biometric locks may be a good strategy, to improve the security in places like businesses, homes, schools, etc. These locks are based on biometric systems and only open when supplied an imprint, previously registered. Democratic incidence: RGP uses biometrics to prevent fraud DINAP S.R.L. pedestrian access Control and Vehicular DINAP S.R.L. sliding doors and automatic swivel biometric systems: analysis of Retina in a Access Control

United States Study Abroad

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Postgraduate course in the United States studying abroad make a postgraduate degree in the United States is one of the best decisions a professional to manage for the optimization of their professional and work experience. With the possession of a postgraduate degree is not only possible highlight for professional excellence, but access to the possibility of reducing the focus on the area of studies, without secularise knowledge and universal patrimony, and so contribute to their evolution and enrichment. American cognitive heritage is considered, by most cultures as the original in most Sciences and disciplines of greco-occidental influence wedge and, although some of them have been optimized by the United Kingdom, France, Germany, India, Italy and Australia, is in the United States.UU. in which concentrates a globalized compendium of studies and, therefore, studying in United States have preferential recognition on modalities for research and postgraduate degrees. Education and degree of research being done in the States Is of such magnitude, that his experience has come to have an impact on approaches to international education, whose investigations are qualitatively impressive.

As a result, there has been much on the need for American studies to improve its position in the field of technology, engineering and mathematics. Masteries abroad are usually divided into two categories or guidelines: education and research. In the United States.UU., most of the master’s programmes are taught through specific programmes, which means that students must complete numerous postgraduate courses to obtain a master’s degree, while in other countries the concentration in the application of knowledge in the field for research projects, is more common with very little time in the classroom. These differences in patterns respond to a different educational method consistent with the diversity of disciplinary and fields applicable to the educational needs of current youth, that they fulfilled many roles and life experiences. For everything, how much has been offered educationally in United States is an open option of permanent academic appropriate optimization time, residence and motivation of the student and professional needs.

In such conditions, it is possible to obtain a title of master at the end of two years, through several postgraduate courses or shaped full depending on the agency that provided the training. The completion of a postgraduate program in United States involves the possibility of learning alongside students from around the world, get a different cultural perspective in the field of applied study, immersed in American multicultural wealth and get next to the masters experience researcher and citizen of the world. Studying abroad is to experience the world through new eyes and enriches every student, personal, academically and professionally. Learn about different frames of reference, will broaden perspective and learning ability of the researcher, giving it a greater academic flexibility against the diversity of world culture. Juliana Arango centres for studies in United States

European Social Fund

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I guess that by now everyone knows that it is continuous training. If it is that of workers free courses. Well that’s free, would have to clarify it a little no? Since the early 1990s, and with the help of the European Social Fund, it was launched the continuous training system. The courses are funded through a tax that is called vocational training, if you look at any payroll you will see a heading called F.P. This tax is usually between 0.5% and 0.7% of the wage of the worker, i.e. the employer pays this amount and the worker ceases to receive it, so you do or not courses, this tax you have to pay it.

In the old system (until 2003), the continuous training courses were mostly thing of trade unions and confederations of employers. Presented projects, with a number of students and participating companies and after being valued by the Forcem, money was ahead to start courses. The period between the application and the approval of the project was of approximately a year, with what the companies who were interested in doing some specific training action, when you begin the course, that interest or need had disappeared. Also existed a little information that entities should direct the company to participate in this system of training. Today the system has changed and companies do not have to carry out projects, or sign up on any clustered plan take a year in the courses. Today any company or worker, can participate in this system of training and the course chosen in a period not exceeding 40 days. No money of by means as before, simply, companies have an annual fee for continuing training, which shall be equal to the percentage owned by you according to the n? workers of the company, and the amount that has been paid in respect of vocational training. Let’s look at a practical example: A company with 7 workers annual F.P.

fee pay 560 euros. To be less than 10 workers, it is 100% of what was paid is say 560 euros. Now just need to find a professor or a training centre to provide courses to your / s workers. Once finished the course the company pays to the teacher or training centre, and then that amount takes it from their taxes. Finally, the company and its employees have made a specific course for them, and not has cost nothing to employer and worker, because they are paying him all year, made or not courses. Currently there are many companies that are dedicated to organizing and managing continuous training. Facilitating their access to this system, among other companies is DKA services company and training, which is in charge of all the training process, from preparing the necessary documents until the delivery of the training action, in all its forms (face-to-face, distance, distance learning). So do not expect more and train their employees, in a free and specialized system. It is your money. DKA services & training-courses free workers Jose M?