European Social Fund

I guess that by now everyone knows that it is continuous training. If it is that of workers free courses. Well that’s free, would have to clarify it a little no? Since the early 1990s, and with the help of the European Social Fund, it was launched the continuous training system. The courses are funded through a tax that is called vocational training, if you look at any payroll you will see a heading called F.P. This tax is usually between 0.5% and 0.7% of the wage of the worker, i.e. the employer pays this amount and the worker ceases to receive it, so you do or not courses, this tax you have to pay it.

In the old system (until 2003), the continuous training courses were mostly thing of trade unions and confederations of employers. Presented projects, with a number of students and participating companies and after being valued by the Forcem, money was ahead to start courses. The period between the application and the approval of the project was of approximately a year, with what the companies who were interested in doing some specific training action, when you begin the course, that interest or need had disappeared. Also existed a little information that entities should direct the company to participate in this system of training. Today the system has changed and companies do not have to carry out projects, or sign up on any clustered plan take a year in the courses. Today any company or worker, can participate in this system of training and the course chosen in a period not exceeding 40 days. No money of by means as before, simply, companies have an annual fee for continuing training, which shall be equal to the percentage owned by you according to the n? workers of the company, and the amount that has been paid in respect of vocational training. Let’s look at a practical example: A company with 7 workers annual F.P.

fee pay 560 euros. To be less than 10 workers, it is 100% of what was paid is say 560 euros. Now just need to find a professor or a training centre to provide courses to your / s workers. Once finished the course the company pays to the teacher or training centre, and then that amount takes it from their taxes. Finally, the company and its employees have made a specific course for them, and not has cost nothing to employer and worker, because they are paying him all year, made or not courses. Currently there are many companies that are dedicated to organizing and managing continuous training. Facilitating their access to this system, among other companies is DKA services company and training, which is in charge of all the training process, from preparing the necessary documents until the delivery of the training action, in all its forms (face-to-face, distance, distance learning). So do not expect more and train their employees, in a free and specialized system. It is your money. DKA services & training-courses free workers Jose M?