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Apartment Alarm System

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That definitely meant a direct train issues, namely, for the kids to move to another school directly for us longer to get to the office. At some time, until all possible options were chosen sharing an apartment in another district on the Internet Meets advertising companies 'Fenhaus'. After talking individually with representatives of organizations that came to clarify the reason for failure to use this alarm. Any use of the apartment alarm system should have broadcast an alarm to the police, using a radio frequency, in fact that criminals are likely commonplace wilderness. Since losing in general, has clearly become nothing came up relocation, but the format of the experiment, setting alarms in the apartment specialists 'Fenhaus' has been implemented in full. Two days later, had been scheduled for the trip but only after passing beyond it, did call Cell.

During the conversation with the policeman, it became clear that property as a result of the signal received from alarm systems to the control post, was arrested a gang of criminals who have tried rob our apartment. Immediately returned to her home us, waiting for the district, which is actually a very satisfied look revealed that it's likely the same criminals who have repeatedly robbed our expensive apartment. In the end, and happened, and even a certain part of the stolen we get a refund. Direct evidence of positive cooperation with the firm 'Fenhaus' was put forward such a solution, and is to continue such cooperation, namely the burglar alarm was installed in office, and was equipped with a special button instant recall of protection. In order not to wait until such time as the call, that suburban dacha someone 'cleaned', the result after the order through the World Wide Web, professionals 'Fenhaus', was also mounted burglar alarm to the country. Now, recalling the terrible feelings of hopelessness, being on the verge of once again robbed the apartment, the cost, which itself was embedded in the installation of security systems, specialist organizations 'Fenhaus', particularly as a result after the confirmation of its efficiency does not seem significant.

Invisible Systems

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Hence a hypothesis of birth of the universe from the Big Bang. One can imagine that part of the universe, obtaining in the "Big Bang" great speed away from the center of the explosion, respectively, at large distances. However, the center from which were to scatter the galaxy was detected. The question arose – what force causes the galaxies in the movement, opposing the World gravitational attraction? Not finding him response, such divergence became associated with a change (extension) of the space itself. Then it was discovered the deviation from linearity (1) speed "divergence" of galaxies. It was found that galaxies located closer to the point of observation "run away" faster than more distant ones.

Since the observed state of the galaxy (due to the finite speed of light) refers to past time, it was suggested that the process recession accelerated. To explain the mechanism of the accelerated expansion of the universe, introduced the concept of "dark energy" 2. Observing the behavior of galactic systems have found their mismatch movement of the masses of these systems 2. It turned out that the values of the mass of matter that is concentrated in galaxies, estimated to see their facilities, not enough to keep the star systems on the orbits of the prevailing speeds. Moreover, it was observed that the rate of star systems as they move around the galactic center, some distance from the center does not depend on the radius of the orbit motion 3. This led to the introduction of the concept of "ignorant masses" – Invisible under normal astronomical observations of the matter, greatly increases the mass of galaxies.