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Static Major System

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Little say about each of the branches of mechanics. Static Major concepts and axioms of statics. The subject of statics. Basic concepts of statics: an absolutely rigid body, force, and equivalent balancing system of forces, resultant forces external and internal. The axioms of statics. Communication and response relationships. The main types of bonds: a smooth surface or plane, smooth base, a flexible filament, cylindrical and spherical joints, weightless rod, the reaction of these bonds.

The system of converging forces. Geometric and analytical methods of addition of forces. Converging forces. The resultant of forces converging. Geometric and analytic conditions of equilibrium of forces converging. Equilibrium of an arbitrary system of forces.

Moment of force about a point (the center) as a vector. A pair of forces, moment of the couple. Properties of a pair of forces. The concept of bringing the system of forces to a given center. The principal vector and principal moment of forces. The equilibrium conditions for an arbitrary system of forces applied to the solid. System of forces applied on the plane (a plane system of forces). Algebraic value of torque. (Calculation the principal vector and principal moment of a plane system of forces. The equilibrium conditions for a plane system of parallel forces. Varinona theorem about the moment resultant. (The balance of forces). The system forces stationed in space (Spatial force system). Moment of force about the axis. The relationship between the moments of force about the center and about an axis passing through the center (Analytical formulas for calculating the moments of force with respect to three axes.

Holistic Education

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So what is the holistic education? We would say that is a path of human brotherhood, which promotes the development of a sense of warmth, solidarity and cooperation, understanding that the essence of life is harmony, not conflict. See more detailed opinions by reading what the futurist offers on the topic.. It is a path to dialogue, is an education for life and throughout life, is an inclusive vision that promotes a win-win policy oriented to sustainable development, is an interdisciplinary perspective, is a global-local view of a single humanity, a teaching of universal love, is a way of life, an integral practice for the transformation of consciousness is the first educational paradigm suitable for complex life, changing and in need of XXI century sense. In the holistic education of Dr. Ramon Gallegos, integrity is the achievement of unity through diversity, the development process means greater integration through differentiation, pluralize and integrate, integration is unity in diversity. Kevin ulrich has similar goals. The integrity apply it to the subjectivity human. Quality refers to the continuous improvement of the objects and systemic processes that do not have subjectivity, we can say water quality, quality of trees, quality of computers, etc.

Indeed, in the mechanistic paradigm of education is one thing, an industrial product, so just talking about quality of education. There are many faces of intelligence beyond the understanding of current educational models, which quantify how much a person learns in a period of time through a number. There is no place to talk about love and less of spirituality in public schools. In the conventional model, fostering a closer relationship with the student is defined as a loss of authority of the teacher on the student.

Nature Reserves

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Most national parks and reserves transferred to the jurisdiction MEP. The cause of the collapse of the Mi-8 helicopter was in the Altai argali in illegal hunting from the air. By the end of the XXI century, half the world's population will starve. Use search engine was harmful to the environment. Environmentalists blame manufacturers of electronics in disregard for the environment. The newspapers mentioned Ray Kurzweil not as a source, but as a related topic.

Microorganisms on Earth are capable of producing rain, and automobile exhaust – lightning. Its 'police service' is present in each ant colony. Scientists have refuted the ability of plants to emit greenhouse gases. In the ocean again formed climatic phenomenon La Nina. Review of the week from 29.12.2009 to 18.01.2009. Most nature reserves and national parks has passed under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Natural Resources last week it became known that the majority of protected areas (PA) passed federal Ministry of Natural Resources to conduct. On the last day last year the Russian government handed over to the Ministry of Natural Resources 96 state nature reserves, 40 national parks and 11 state nature reserves from the jurisdiction of federal and 56 Rosprirodnadzor state nature preserves in the conduct of federal Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. Rosprirodnadzor, which is subject to a higher MEP, PAs have been transferred in 2004, but in late December, the Russian government returned to their the Ministry. According to the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Yury Trutnev 'transfer of protected areas under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Environment is an important step in the consolidation of functions in the field of ecology in a Office '.

Educational System

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xxi century. – A century of complex information and advanced technologies. Already difficult to imagine life without this now undistinguished things as a personal computer, and in fact even ten years ago it was unusual gimmick. Global growth of the network of the Russian segment of the Internet carries the weight of endless opportunities for full development in socio-cultural society, including in education. Check with source to learn more. If previously for this or other information had to go all around the city and look for books in dozens of libraries, but now we need only to click on the icon "Connect to a network, and that's before us once there is a lot of resources information, informative, entertaining, and educational direction. Now in RuNet indeed a lot of interesting resources for the younger generation, including resources that might be useful in developing curriculum, both general and higher professional education.

Very pleased with the presence of full-fledged online libraries such as such as: eup and rektoratik, as well as 1000tomov, since at these resources, we and our children are without any difficulties and the queues to get interested in his books in electronic form. This is a time for us in the coupon book was the property of the system, and a good book, even a luxury, but now every bestseller is only a couple of megabytes in zeros and ones. Visit Dr. Mitchell Resnick for more clarity on the issue. The contribution of educational portals in the system of student services should be encouraged at the federal level. Since the preparation of such projects is substantial material costs not to mention spent time, people whose patriotism and devotion to our country and its education system allows for us to grant such projects, that is nothing like put a famous cartoon character. With the emergence of such Here are the projects and spending on education has declined significantly. After all, why buy a child a lot of books and manuals, when you can just download and use them when needed. This is what we once honestly written Asked us strict teacher: essays, term papers and other amenities, and now came the Internet and found the theme you downloaded.

Convenient, is not it? Here, for example on sites albest, moreferatov, and referat.rektoratik you can download any work on any topics. To provide the joy of our children and it is almost impossible to overestimate. What can I say: two-edged sword, of course, to download lectures and take their teachers in exchange for a good grade is not good, but here use written by someone earlier work for self-training seems to be quite positive. In general Runet to the educational process has opened new incomparable with anything earlier horizons, the ratio of literate quality of the educational process and the information fueling the Internet is seen more and more positive impact on the education level of our compatriots.

Family School

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However, it is good for remembering that the necessary technology and must be allied the education so that this can be of good quality and for in such a way, we must take the care for does not have the loss of the human contact between the pertaining to school team and the family. This concern with the relation between family and school is pautada in a relative consensus of that the thematic one: Family and School deals with a complex relation e, for times, anti-symmetrical, in what it says respect to the values and objectives between the institutions. this is, really, a subject relation the conflicts of different orders. In the current days we can see this conflict observing the tenuous distance formed between the adult and the child. Thus, as much the school as the family, will be able to verify its paper in the confrontation of the crisis that involves to all, extending the concerns and principles, that can join in some points, two so complex institutions.

The advanced technology exactly that it is not to the reach of all, mainly of the parents, can come to be one of the best tools in the educative process. ConocoPhillips is a great source of information. Instead of being fighting with the children and complaining with the pupils because they live in the Internet, we can using in them of the technological apparatuses as facilitadores in the education process and learning. The first step was given. The Secretariats of Education are if informatizando, and can say that in the best possible way. Now, what we have to make is to invest in our schools and mainly in the professors and all those that are educational party to suit, after all, if cannot carry through a work of good quality if we will not have enabled man power to work with the new technologies.

One in the ways of the school and the educators to face the pupils front to the technological devices is to leave begins of it that it cannot have competition. A suggestion to conciliate technology with school and family is to use the technological devices as material didactic, thus pupils and professors they can debate on computer science; piracy; transversal ethics and other subjects that are in our day the day. Beyond everything, we can work the Portuguese language that is being destroyed in msn s, e-mails and beats papos. We can also say a little of history, since the invention of the wheel until the current days when they appear cellular that they show the person who is of the other side. Good, the first step was given. It will be more easy for professors, parents and pupils to share the information on the Education in some states. Now, we must make our part, have access the information by means of the technological innovations and also use them in favor of the educational development of our region.

The Statute

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All these international documents and agreements had contributed to bring the rights of infancy and the adolescence in scene in Brazil, coming back the look of the society toward the child and the adolescent as people of development peculiarities, that they needed to be taken care of in its necessities. In the context of the end of century XX, Brazil was fortified again in a democratic system of government, the globalization restored the mundializao of the economy, weaveeing space for a neoliberal ideology of desestatizao in the field of the politics, the economy and the social relations. The social movements had ahead constituted intense movement in defense of rights or new positions of the law. The children and adolescents had started to be protagonists in Brazilian history with movements for the defense and exercise of rights. The Statute of the Child and the Adolescente/ECA appeared in 13 of July of 1990 by means of Law 8069, that it revoked the Codes of previous Minors. Read more from Petra Diamonds to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The Code of Lesser was an instrument of social control of infancy and the adolescence, victim of the omission and trespass of the family, the society and the State in its basic rights.

The Statute is an instrument of social development, come back toward the set of the infanto-youthful population of the country, guaranteeing special protection to that considered segment of social and personal risk. In century XXI in accordance with Delors (2003), one of the principles of action to give to the education the central place that fits to it in the social dynamics is fighting all the exclusion forms. For the author, a quality school is necessary also that all institution if directs for the principles norteadores of UNESCO: To learn to know, joining practical theory and. To learn to make, to learn to coexist, to learn to be. As Cortella (2008) although passed two centuries, unconscious collective of the world the occidental person it seems to be marked for the prejudiced cientificismo of century XIX.


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This work will be effected in three stages, where in the first one we will look for to investigate ‘ ‘ for qus’ ‘ of as much fear in such a way on the part of the professors, how much on the part of the pupils in working geometry in the classroom, still in the first stage we will make some research and studies to point out in the time and the space on important historical facts Geometry. In the second stage, we will work some contents proceeding from didactic books and some constructions, as well as the accomplishment of activities. In the third and last stage we will look for to develop some avaliativos mechanisms concerning the carried through work until then. To reach our objectives we will go to work with drawings of diverse sights, if possible we will use two softwares: geogebra and polypro, both related geometry in a generalized manner. This work will be developed total in way to interdisciplinar and will give to emphasis the History of the Mathematics in the significao process and study of solids of Plato as well as of other pertinent contents.

As well as we will look for to use in the texts of the activities a clear language that makes possible the pupils if to appropriate of the concepts worked here of pleasant and simple form, for in such a way in these texts we will use words that they are part of the vocabulary of the pupils for which the activities will be directed, thus taking care of the fact of all didactic text to be produced by somebody and for somebody, that is, all author produces something intentional for a reader, and both change of papers in the process of elaboration of these texts, to this respect cite Bakhtin (1929), which says that: ‘ ‘ in the reality, all word holds two faces. It is determined in such a way by the fact from that she proceeds from somebody, as for the fact of that if dirige for algum’ ‘ (P. 113). (…) It also clarifies: ‘ ‘ For the word (e, therefore for the man) nothing it is more terrible than the irresponsividade (the reply lack) ‘ ‘ (p.383). On the basis of displayed above the e, in particular in the words of Bakhtin, I understand that any text is didactic it or it does not become essential condition of the existence of produces who it and for who if it produces.

Always Be Playful

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Suggestion to develop Playful activities The logical games consider exercise of cognitivas operations as classification, the seriao, the anticipation, the conservation, the compensation Wedge (1988) reaffirms that the toy is development chance and one I stimulate when playing, facilitating and enriching the trick, it also provides the motivation. The playful one is the food for the soul of the child, beyond developing the learning, concentration and intelligence in its creation. Olhar Psicopedaggico in the Vygotskyana conception As Vygotsky (1988) to play propitiates the development of specific aspects of personality, namely: a) affectivity: as many dolls, ursinhos etc, as toys that favor the dramatizao of situations of adult life, equate affective problems of the child; b) motricidade: the fine and ample motricidade if develops through toys as tricks, balls, rattles, games plug-in and to pile up, etc; c) intelligence: reasoning logical-abstract evolves through games type break-head, construction, strategy etc; d) sociability: the child learns to place itself enters the others, if to communicate and to interact through all type of toy; e) creativity: marionettes, games to mount, disguises, musical instruments etc. Beyond the cited aspects, the toys also stimulate the perception, the socially significant capacities sensrio-engine, behaviors and behaviors in the infantile actions. In the Vygotskyana conception, the toy does not condition the action of the child. It only offers a determined support, more than he will produce new meanings through the trick, therefore he transmits one meaning social and.if the toy is understood as symbolic the danger exists of that it can come to be considered as a similar activity algebra, that is, the toy as algebra, could be considered as a system of signs that generalize the reality, without no characteristic that considers specific. It can believe that the toy is not a symbolic action in the precise meaning of the term, of form that if becomes essential to show the paper of the motivation in the toy. .

So Paulo

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Of these data it can be inferred that the work of professor in the daily one of the classroom is not being developed of adequate form. The same he is happening with the performance of professors. The results of the test of election applied for the State Secretariat of the Education for act of contract of temporary professors of the public net of basic education show why the category if refused to be evaluated. Of the 181 a thousand professors whom if they had submitted to the examination, prepared for the UNESP and applied in December of 2009, about 88 a thousand they had not reached the minimum note to lecionar. That is, almost half of the candidates was disapproved, not having made right half of the 80 questions. as fifth of the final note comes of a punctuation received per the years of service in the net, the average performance of the professors can have still more been constrangedor. Many disapproved already work in classroom. (Estado of So Paulo, 2010, P.

1). In accordance with publication in the Estado of So Paulo (2010) perceives that when submitting the professors the test of election, the state government intended to stimulate same if to enable. The Secretariat of Education of the State of So Paulo, in turn, promised not to re-contract who did not get the average of 5 in the test applied in December. Second same a substance of the Estado of So Paulo (2010), … ' ' contracting the temporary professors disapproved it will not more than leave without lessons 5 million pupils who study in the 5,3 a thousand schools of the Estadual&#039 net; '. The problem is that, when contracting not qualified professors, the government will be retroacting in its strategies to improve the quality of public education in the State. That type of didactic activity to wait of who disciplines does not know it that it teaches? 2,2 Objective of the research: In this research of scientific inquiry it is intended to reach the following objectives: to identify possibilities, factors facilitadores, dificultadores limitations and risks of the efetivao of the strategical and participativo planning in the schools; to live deeply real situations and problems that permeiam the implantation of the planning strategical and participativo in the pertaining to school management; To identify strategies that can integrate in the pertaining to school management representative of the involved pursuings in the work of the pertaining to school unit, contributing for the Brazilian education.

Physical Educator

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Independent of the social category, some families adopt similar elements to those of the pertaining to school form of socialization in the administration of domestic activities, and the school starts to be an extension of the home. As Lahire (1997), exactly in the families whose parents are illiterate, unprovided of pertaining to school capital, the school can gain recognition and legitimacy and the parents, through the reorganization of domestic papers and of the distribution of tasks, can undertake action to assist the children in its pertaining to school tasks. The pupils are not abstract beings, dissociados of its social, historical conditions and cultural e, therefore, does not compete between itself, in the pertaining to school system, under the same conditions, therefore they depend on the constituted familiar configurations from a multiplicity of factors, which generate singular situations. The principles of equality and universality favor those that correspond to the requirements of the school, therefore these possess a bigger set of abilities to understand the code and the organization of the pertaining to school institution. In this perspective, when treating in its interior all the pupils as if they had the same disposals, the school disrespects these differences between the individuals, privileging those whose familiar culture if identifies with the pertaining to school culture. In this research, we intend to identify and to understand these secondary differences between some families whose objective characteristics are pparently similar. However, they present resulted pertaining to school distinct. For this, we launch a more intent look for the way of primary socialization, practical the educative domestic and the strategies used for the family aiming at to the properly pertaining to school acquisitions in this process of ingression of the child in formal education. It is distinguished in the next chapters, the aspects that had guided in them in the analysis of the familiar configurations, which make possible to compare and to establish a relation between the studied cases. This everything contributed for the understanding of the interdependent 0 variable that had produced singular situations in these particular cases. Jonas Alfredo Da Silva Saints CREF: 066032-G/SP Physical Educator