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Before going into details, here is a quick note to beginners who do not know what Digg. For those who already you are familiar with digg.com, skip this section. What is Digg? Digg is a free social media website where the news on its pages is controlled by the community of users (more than 500,000. There is no organ of central Government that decides that news reporting and news appear on the first page. The user community vote on them by clicking on the digg this in the history of each, as well as icons that appear on its pages. Digg was originally only for geeks and the majority of articles related to technology, but has since grown to include a wide range of categories covering almost any topic. Persons interested in creating your own web site Digg type should read win money by cloning to digg. If you are a blogger or a site that writes things of the press and are looking for additional traffic, you possibly can look at Digg and copy it (clone it.

It is difficult and, finally, just the stories that are unique to receive large number of votes or diggs of the user community and appear on the first page. If the story is unique and good enough, the community voted by you and can be assured that once you reach the main page will get more than 10,000 unique in its web visitors in a day and gradually decreases in a few days. This is known as the Digg effect and the achievement of this must be one of its objectives. There are a handful of media to get to the front page of Digg. These are the methods of power for users and I will refer below. I will not go into detail on how to use Digg, you can see it in the help area and the area of the web page FAQ see in the footer of the web page, under the title All About digg. Quire to learn more about the secret and the tools to win at Digg.

Surveys Companies

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In recent times you hear talk of the benefits list Lunar surveys in Spanish. That you can earn money or get interesting gifts, that you can give him a chance before his new job, which is easy and does not need special knowledge, which can answer them almost any person, etc. However, few people know the utility that enclose. A list of surveys in Spanish is a tool that used thousands of companies around the world to know the opinion that consumers have about their image, their products or their services. These same surveys are sent to thousands of users through online sites that send you forms. It is not they but companies who charge polls who pay him for responding.

Once the online polling has the answers of all affiliates, combines them together and stores the data in a huge database, which is given to companies to make market research, statistical analyses of results, etc., but always in a way that it will ensure that its identity not be revealed, nor their personal data. This detail is very important and must be found in the privacy policy of the site that is registered to receive the paid surveys. If after reading the policies you find site cares not for your privacy, should not register or should unsubscribe from him, therefore it is not a serious site. You probably want more money and so sell the database of users to third parties, which violates the trust that must exist with you as a user. You answer surveys paid honestly, on the understanding that they will not reveal your personal information. Information you supply will be used by companies for improvements in their products or services, so it is required to respond in a completely sincere way paid surveys. Otherwise, the results thrown would be false and useless to both parties. To begin to fill out paid surveys and earn money in the easiest way possible, please Click here. Original author and source of the article.