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Surveys Companies

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In recent times you hear talk of the benefits list Lunar surveys in Spanish. That you can earn money or get interesting gifts, that you can give him a chance before his new job, which is easy and does not need special knowledge, which can answer them almost any person, etc. However, few people know the utility that enclose. A list of surveys in Spanish is a tool that used thousands of companies around the world to know the opinion that consumers have about their image, their products or their services. These same surveys are sent to thousands of users through online sites that send you forms. It is not they but companies who charge polls who pay him for responding.

Once the online polling has the answers of all affiliates, combines them together and stores the data in a huge database, which is given to companies to make market research, statistical analyses of results, etc., but always in a way that it will ensure that its identity not be revealed, nor their personal data. This detail is very important and must be found in the privacy policy of the site that is registered to receive the paid surveys. If after reading the policies you find site cares not for your privacy, should not register or should unsubscribe from him, therefore it is not a serious site. You probably want more money and so sell the database of users to third parties, which violates the trust that must exist with you as a user. You answer surveys paid honestly, on the understanding that they will not reveal your personal information. Information you supply will be used by companies for improvements in their products or services, so it is required to respond in a completely sincere way paid surveys. Otherwise, the results thrown would be false and useless to both parties. To begin to fill out paid surveys and earn money in the easiest way possible, please Click here. Original author and source of the article.

Angelina Jolie

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Angelina Jolie is one of the actresses in Hollywood better paid, also is the wife of Brad Pitt, to look always splendid he had to quit smoking and drinking coffee because it affected the freshness of your skin, the actress shared their secrets and their diet in an interview. Change of eating habits at the beginning was hard – said Angelina, because not ate breakfast, only took coffee and smoked a cigarette, but over the years a is da has that bad habits leave sequelae in the organs of the body as in the outside – emphasized the actress. The diet that shares in the interview: I left the sugar completely – says the actress – focuses on taking a healthy breakfast cotodos nutrients low in fats, alejo of the dairy products of animal origin and replaced them with products derived from soybean. A daily menu of Angelina is fish meat steamed spiced with fine herbs with vegetables steamed, besides fresh fruits and natural juices. Training is important – said the actress-who practices yoga and kickboxing 3 times per week, also makes it clear that you have a family life that keeps it active.

10. Additional Tips to lose weight as we like lists, I recommend 10 tips to keep in mind when it comes to weight loss: 1. change the size of the dish, if it seems silly, change the size of the dish when you have a diet to lose weight, it is almost essential because we know that food enters through the eyesso if we can see portion in the common dish which measures 24 cm, replace it with a dessert or a casserole dish. 2. Water: The water reduces the appetite naturally and helps the body to metabolize fats.Studies show that fat deposits increase by not consuming enough water and increasing water consumption these deposits decrease, i.e. that consumption of enough (8 glasses) of water helps to lose weight.

3 Exercise, returns from work walking, climbing stairs, bajalas, loaded shopping bags, begins some sport, even if he is bowling.(Exercising 45 minutes per day recommended) 4 Different dress, renews the hairstyle, look, to increase self-esteem and willingness to achieve your weight loss goal. 5 Buy a good and comfortable footwear for well support your feet to walk and having more performance when doing exercises. 6 Replaces the outputs to eat by other outlets for example go to play bowling, looking at stained glass, something to do and not eating or drinking. 7 Set your goals and keeps track of each food/diet that they doing, your intake of food/calories and achieve your goal easily. 8 Remember breathing, breathe deep, air is the main food, stop smoking if what are you doing and made deep breaths outdoors, cares for your air pollutants. 9 Begins a relationship with your body as your partner or companion, takes consciousness that is the Temple of your soul, the vehicle by which it can live on this planet.

First Centenary

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Bilbao will host the performance of one of the best works of Jesus Guridi, Mirentxu, from 19 to 26 June at the Arriaga theatre to celebrate its centenary. Fans to the theater that are housed in a hotel in Bilbao this summer may be a whim, since in the month of June the Centennial play Mirentxu will return to the scenarios. The Basque Symphony Orchestra will be be responsible for playing the music in this classic tale, while Maria Bayo will be responsible for directing the choir belonging to Bilbao’s Choral Society, an organization that participated in the promotion of the original part. Mirentxu premiered at the theatre Champs Elysees in the Bilbao City on May 31, 1910, however, for this occasion the theater that has been chosen is the Arriaga day 19, 22, 24 and June 26, in which all performances will begin at 20 hours. The piece of art was described by the local as the Basque lyrical romance in two acts, with the original writer Jesus Guridi praised for using folk influences in the region. Guridi was born in Vitoria and in Bilbao, Paris, Cologne and Liege. It is one of the most celebrated authors of Spain for his compositions, which are influenced by music of Chamber, opera, zarzuela and religious pieces. The price of tickets for this concert vary between 7.20 and 38. On the other hand, another action that might like to see in the Teatro Arriaga is Babiloniako Ioreak, which is an experimental theater piece. For more information about this event see the official website or contact them at the (34) 94 41 63 533. If you are thinking about going to enjoy this obra teatral Centennial, not twice, and if you need a hotel in Bilbao, book as soon as possible to avoid problems.