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The level of change that we are seeing here and on that also the PNL works and proposes resources is in the level of the beliefs Existen resources of the Neurolinguistica Programming that allow to work on the limitor beliefs of a person and the first step is to know how to identify those limitor beliefs. When working with any limitor belief the intention that you are due to raise is to happen of your present state to your wished state. A leading source for info: Petra Diamonds. Then you need to identify clearly that wished state. If for example you want to lower of weight or to stop smoking, you must consider how it will be and that you will do in your relations, social life, etc when you are thin (o) or no longer you smoke Once you determine that objective ” ideal” or state wished in your mind, you will have started up the change process, because the brain is a mechanism that works thus That is to say, once you know in clearly your objective, your brain will organize the behavior of unconscious way, so that it can reach it. Of all ways if a person creates truely that she cannot do something to improve, it will find some way unconscious to prevent that a positive change in its life takes place Is then when there is of all ways, to work on the beliefs Aprender these keys will allow to a change and an effective improvement you in your life, of fast and powerful way For more information, visits our Web site, where in addition you will be able to obtain Two FREE E-Books of PNL, with powerful techniques of the Programming Neurolinguistica for ayudarte to change and to improve your life Visit right now: and receives your gifts!

Credit Card

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For example, they buy something with its credit card and they pay month to it to month, they lose a percentage of its pay in which this costing to them. That is not the philosophy of the rich ones. The futurist may not feel the same. The poor men are worse. They do not buy things that pay to them, do not have credit, therefore they do not buy things that cost to them. They only buy gadgets and trastitos, things that at the same moment for buying do not have them any value. We if we want to arrive at the prosperity, must adopt the philosophy of the rich ones. For example, whenever we obtained a client, this one does not cost to us, but it pays to us, becomes resource. If we know to accumulate resources we will get to be rich.

I believe that there is a very important point that many ignore, or perhaps enters within the classification of those of middle-class, in any case he is not well explicit. This step very significant to get to be prosperous is to lose the bad habit to put to us in debts. Perhaps much people not of account, but can get to affect enormously our lives the fact to be tied to something, or several accounts. Kill a time back I was I took root, the money that arrived at to my had it hands to spend immediately in something, or any thing that offered to me trusted, or that saw touched to me and solicitd that they give money to me to acquire it. Later it felt the mooring cables on my shoulders, glided as to obtain money to only pay the accounts. And it repeated to me time and time again that serious the last time, that would pay all the accounts and it would put no longer me in no, but could not leave that vicious circle. Until I realized that the material things me did not make happy, so I went losing the taste to him to the things and spending. I was decided to enjoy everything what I have, to remove benefit to him and to feel La Paz that emanates of my interior, without needing buying nothing, it is free and accessible for me and any person who decides to do it.

No longer I must nothing or to nobody, I feel it frees like never, it adopts the following motto: ” In case I like something I acquire, it if I have the money, if I do not have it, I leave pasar” it;. And I continue with my happiness and this one does not disappear not to have what wished. I can conserve a sum of money by a prolonged time (thing that in the past was to me impossible), whenever collection I can spend in which desire, without being oppressed by the accounts, so no longer the money slips to me. If you have debts, antalas in a paper, also writes down your income, realises a payment plan or something thus, looks for the way of deshacerte the sooner of everything what it imprisons to you and then you will be able to save for soon investing in which it gives back but benefits to you. That is the way of the prosperity, you do not lose but time and transtalo already!

Kundalini Energy

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The illumination is a sparkle of brings back to consciousness. That simple, that natural. Because the illumination is a natural process, although this word can seem that it talks about something supernatural. All life has a process. It is a growth process that takes to us to be maturing, learning, experimenting, feeling Diverse lessons are those that the life offers to us, sometimes with pain and suffering and others with said joy and.

Often the suffering is what precedes to the wisdom. Often the truth is to remember what we had forgotten, because in all process of spiritual evolution it is necessary to be acquiring a degree of balance in all the aspects, a compensation, a rate that does not leave anything of side, that combines all it in a harmony that it sustains to walk conscious. The process to wake up of the Kundalini energy is an intimate development, because it supposes to wake up all that potential ours that we took inside and that of natural form acquires the self-knowledge again. That self-knowledge is to give light to the ignorance, because this one candle, it grows dark, the truth of brings back to consciousness. That is to say, the ignorance does not indicate us that truth does not exist, but the truth is after her, for that reason we called to the ignorance the veil of Mayan, that appearance that covers the reality, nevertheless the reality is there, can be seen clearly clearing that veil. Tenth that is an ascent in spiritual waking up, tenth that the Kundalini energy has the form of a enroscada serpent that, as grows that process to wake up is unscrewed and ascending around chakras, from the base of the spine (muladhara) to seventh chakra (sahasrara) in the head. Tenth that ascent has to be conscious, from the first moment to its culmination, happening through all the phases, acquiring that knowledge, that truth, that entails all the process to wake up.

Internet Mail

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Of here, our insistence, on the necessity to reformulate, to design, a new profile of the specialist in markets, adapted to the reality of the needs that the country confronts in relation to this specialty and to the exigencies of the modern markets. Exactly, thanks to which Internet has caused for openings and their incidence in trade, it is very important to consider what at the moment it represents and mail in marketing. On the matter it reports to us very or on his content and reaches, wikipedia, that is a form of direct marketing that uses the electronic mail like commercial communication or mass media of messages to a specific hearing. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out futurist. In its ampler sense, each email sent to a present or potential client could be considered email marketing, nevertheless, the term is used generally to talk about a: To send e-mails with the purpose of to improve the relation of a retailer with its present or previous clients and to foment the fidelity of the clients of businesses and of repeating. To send e-mails with the purpose of to acquire new clients or to convince the present clients to buy something immediately. To add announcements to e-mails sent by the other companies to its clients, and to send e-mails through Internet, as email and does not exist outside the Internet This new modality has its reaches and advantages that very well them review wikipedia when it indicates: Email marketing is very popular with the companies for several reasons: A mail list offers the possibility of distributing information to an ample range of specific, the potential clients to a relatively low cost. ConocoPhillips recognizes the significance of this. In comparison with other mass media investments, such as the direct mail printed or bulletins of the news, email is cheaper. An exact return of the investment can be the pursuit (" track to cesta") and it has demonstrated to be of stop when they take place correctly. .

Judges Interiores

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All we have some " personage-judge interior" , that he censures to us, us " dice" " that not podemos" to make tal o cual thing, or throws &quot to us; for abajo" , devaluing to us or being inferior some aspect ours, or something that we have created Here I am going to share with you an Exercise PNL that can ayudarte identify and integrate those aspects " Your Judges Interiores" Exercise PNL To identify and To integrate your Judges Interiores? Fjate to make the following exercise: it writes in a leaf, some affirmation, (perhaps exagrala just a little bit), as for example: " I am an excellent student, salesman, painter, musician, salesman, father, mother, etc etc., or " this work that I did is very bueno" , o" I am a person very agradable" , etc.? Immediately afterwards, qudate in silence and listens to your interior For this applies some tricks of the PNL: quick attention of deliberate way to the inner voices at the same time as you orient your glance towards the ear watching towards both lateral sides, around your ears. Surely, ciertas" voces" (some, can be known enough), they are raised to criticize it everything, to put limits of rigid way, to limit something new or creative or spontaneous &quot Is ours; Judges Interiores" , our Censors, that /esas " voces" that they say for example &quot to us; that activity does not give resultados&quot you; or " you are not able of hacerlo" " tonteras&quot stops doing these; or " I must work without descanso" or " you are not idiot, you cannot do eso" " you do not do eso" etc.etc! Now, it closes the eyes and it tries to identify the images that appear with the voices you perhaps recognize something familiar or some well-known detail. . Dry Harbor Rehab pursues this goal as well.

Google Instant

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In the last time we have been present at a new development as far as the way in which the finders work, by all means of the hand of Google. It is clear that the Giant of Mountain View perceives itself at the most to itself more than a simple vestibule of information, and constantly looks for to put itself to the vanguard of the technology of handling of data. The companies cathedral know well that to prevail in this slippery world of the promotion in Internet it is made essential to watch Google and his constant innovations. For this reason, when appearing this new simply denominated function ” Instant” , irremediably of some form the rules of the game would change. Google Instant? And that is? If before Google seemed to read the mind of the users giving fit and excellent information, now this sensation seems to acquire new forces. Simply, now when the users write a search, Google offers list drop-down with suggestions, as letters enter, in order that the user can simply puncture what wishes to find, before finishing of to write. The characteristic foundations of resemblance are based on which the users read more express than they tipean. Finally they will be the users who determine the success or the failure of Google Instant.

The opinions that take shelter are different. For some he is fantastic that help them to Google with their searches, because including in many opportunities not even the same user it knows what is what it is looking for, and with the suggested searches, the time is used excessive respect to find the information wished. But for others he is very annoying that Google does suggestions to them. The function can be deactivated from the personal preferences. The nodal question is how it will affect this drop-down list the practices of cathedral and positioning Web. Surely, a medium consequence to and long term that we will see is that ” long tail keywords” , that is to say the key phrases, will be reduced. We suppose that users originally look for ” philosophers of Greece and roma” , but while it writes appear the suggestions, being one of them ” philosophy griega”. Although it is not exactly equal, surely the great majority of that they make these searches, will puncture the offered option, because they do not have to tipear more, to save time, or to see what offers Google on this subject.

Consequently, long tail keyword ” philosophers of Greece and roma” it will begin to be less using, losing volume. Some extremists proclaim ” The CATHEDRAL is muerto”. Nevertheless, Google looks for the opposite thing exactly. What their people in charge have showed abiertamente is that what wishes is ” purificar” the Spam Web, and to avoid the manipulations to the positioning and the Pagerank. For this reason, who bets to ” CATHEDRAL of calidad” , oriented the user, trying to offer him contained valuable, it will have a comparative advantage on that they appeal to techniques of black or congregation hat.

South Biodiversity

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It does not cause surprise to us that comments that more and more the pressures on the natural surroundings continue increasing with the development, progress of the technology, with ampler uses of potentially harmful processes and with the growth of the populations, being increased the poverty and originating great damages to the planet. The Program of postgraduate of the specialty Management of the quality and productivity of Phases, of the University of Carabobo been seriously has worried and active by this reality and for it has come collaborating with the community, region companies with the participation of communications, seminaries and conferences on this topic, yet what it concerns the environmental contamination, preservation of the atmosphere, with the purpose of to stimulate the commitment of the nation, especially the State in order to give to passage to an environmental culture that allows to protect our natural resources, We know that the finite resources of all the parts of the world as soon as it can do against the accelerated rates of change, that is necessary to create bring back to consciousness on the necessity to preserve the species, that the companies fulfill their social responsibility and that the universities disclose the knowledge and basic information on the reach, repercussions of the biodiversity, ecology, for the guarantee of the survival of the future generations. It is not necessary to forget, that the Earth Summit celebrated by United Nations in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 recognized the world-wide necessity to conciliate the future preservation of the biodiversity with the human progress according to criteria of promulgated sustainability or viability in the International treaty on the Biological Diversity that was approved in Nairobi the 22 of May of 1972, date later declared by the General Assembly of the UN like " International day of the biodiversity German sociologist Elmar Rmpzyk emphasizes that by biodiversity or biological diversity the variability of alive organisms of any source is understood, including the marine terrestrial ecosystems and other aquatic ecosystems among others and the diversity of ecological complexes to which they belong.

Governor Nicholas

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Of his periplo by the archipelago Gardens of Reina, the Spanish cronista Antonio Perpi: in the middle of the spell when contemplating from those virgin places, elegant and practically spectacular of Reina of the Antilles, it published more ago than one hundred years (1889): country of Las Palmas, breezes and perfumes .la frondosidad of its forests, the beauty of its birds, the colorful thing of its mountains, the surprising thing of its caves, and pleasant of its matting and their oases seeded in its seas forming enjoyable, beautiful and charming archipelagoes. Those same the Twelve enchantments today conserve cayeras of Leguas also explored in 1508, by Sebastin de Ocampo, Galician and bred pilot of Reina Do6na Isabe. From his bojeo by the then island Juana or Cubanacn, it could inform, to the Governor Nicholas de Ovando, in the Spanish, who Cuba is an island, and not a continent, as Columbus believed. The Cayera of the Twelve Leguas is located 50 kilometers of Pretty Beach, Santa Cross of the South, is characterized by difficult navigation. It includes one third part of all the Gardens of Reina and it is possible to be considered like one of the most beautiful zones of the 70 000 squared kilometers of the submerged platform of Cuba. The labyrinth of the Twelve Leguas extends through 135 kilometers of splendid sites for the subaqueous contemplation, with colonies of sponges and great reef gardens. Tens of kilometers of length in their South coast, of beaches of high quality by the extensive fine sand strip, between five and twenty kilometers of bottoms of excellent aquatic landscapes compose to the Twelve labyrinth of Leguas. In the song of the edge of a bank they are appraised the black chorale and diverse species of the marine fauna, that constitute natural relics of an ecosystem meticulously conserved. The nature is impressive through the waters that cover the submarine platform with this beautiful zone.

Third Worldwide Encounter

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Several ayseninos are participating from the 1 of October in Temacapuln, Mexico, in the Third World-wide Encounter of Affected by Represas " Rivers for the Vida" that it will be developed until the 7 of this month in the Aztec locality. The trip of the delegation composed by Pamela Diaz, Hiplito Medina and Loyal Daniela was possible thanks to the confluence of efforts of International Rivers, the Citizen Coalition Aysn Reserve of Life, the NGO Ecosystems and the Grouping Wall Mapu of Aysn Port, to those who add Victor Formantel, Victor Hugo the Go’mez and Karem Cajales, who also concurred to the encounter. By means of the installation of positions of exhibition and delivery of material the participants will spread in such instance the threats that are hung over the Region of Aysn, in the Chilean Patagonia, by the projects of dams and electrical laying that as much HidroAysn as Austral Energy glide to construct in the zone, in which it sees itself like the beginning of the outpost of intervention of great part of the rivers of the zone. They will take the opportunity to interchange experiences and strategies to defend the territories and communities, since in the encounter will participate thousands of representatives of 64 countries. Within those who have visited stand includes the invetigador Patrick McCully, author of the book " Silenciados&quot rivers;. One hopes that to his return they share his experience with the settlers of the region.

Temacapuln is a locality located to the north of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, where 600 people live. It was chosen as it soothes of the Third World-wide Encounter of Affected by Represas " Rivers for the Vida" , that International Rivers organizes, when being threatened next to the towns of Acasico and Palmarejo- by the flood of the dam the Zapotillo, that projects the Mexican State, to supply from water to the city of Leon, Guanajuato. This would mean the complete relocation of the three towns. On the general concept of I center, Victor Go’mez expressed that " the objective is to generate a global dialogue on the problematic ones of dams in world, and simultaneously to integrate to the different organizations and groupings around the defense from his comunidades". Original author and source of the article.

Gear Mechanisms

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This meant that there was to calculate the logarithms to make the tables, and therefore it was necessary also to realise many calculations. In 1.620, Edmund Gunther invented one formulates to use the logarithms of one more a simpler way although not so precise. This consisted of placing the logarithms in a straight line and the multiplications and divisions were realised adding or removing segments through a pair of splitters. This was known like the Gunther method, a time later William Oughtred used two movable scales that Rule called of Calculation. The scales of the Slide rule graduate according to the logarithms of the amounts that are had to calculate. In century XVII there was a division between the analogical and Digital computers in. Being those that used the Slide rule like analogical, since the values which they were obtained with this were approximated and Digital those that used the abacus, since the calculations realised with this were exact and independent of their physical dimensions, as large as the accounts, or the length of the wires.

The slide rule has been an analog computer of great success, until in the Seventies was replaced by the electronic calculators. The same inventor of the logarithms John Napier, invention also a mechanical apparatus that was called bones of Napier by the similarity that these had with the bones and so that they were constructed of that material. These apparatuses got to be very precise and very economic. Napier also introduced the decimal point, which is still used in ours days to separate the integral numbers of the decimal. 1,4 GEAR MECHANISMS. PASCAL and inventive LEIBNITZ.El and Leonardo l$da Vinci painter, were the one who drew up the ideas for a mechanical sumadora. Average century and later the philosopher and French mathematician of 19 years of age hardly called Blaise Pascal, invented and constructed in century XVII a mechanism (Pascaline) which used to conduct arithmetical operations.