The level of change that we are seeing here and on that also the PNL works and proposes resources is in the level of the beliefs Existen resources of the Neurolinguistica Programming that allow to work on the limitor beliefs of a person and the first step is to know how to identify those limitor beliefs. When working with any limitor belief the intention that you are due to raise is to happen of your present state to your wished state. A leading source for info: Petra Diamonds. Then you need to identify clearly that wished state. If for example you want to lower of weight or to stop smoking, you must consider how it will be and that you will do in your relations, social life, etc when you are thin (o) or no longer you smoke Once you determine that objective ” ideal” or state wished in your mind, you will have started up the change process, because the brain is a mechanism that works thus That is to say, once you know in clearly your objective, your brain will organize the behavior of unconscious way, so that it can reach it. Of all ways if a person creates truely that she cannot do something to improve, it will find some way unconscious to prevent that a positive change in its life takes place Is then when there is of all ways, to work on the beliefs Aprender these keys will allow to a change and an effective improvement you in your life, of fast and powerful way For more information, visits our Web site, where in addition you will be able to obtain Two FREE E-Books of PNL, with powerful techniques of the Programming Neurolinguistica for ayudarte to change and to improve your life Visit right now: and receives your gifts!