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Heat Engineering

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And although the main indicators of heat engineering PVC wooden windows concedes, the plasticity of the material and ease of processing allows to make from it the elements with high energy-saving measures. A durability of PVC and no need for any complex care provided plastic a number of major competitive advantages in comparison with wood bindings. If we talk about such a task as creating a Maximum heat box, then its solution involves several directions. First – this improvement of Thermal windows due to changes in the profile-factor, the second – using energy-efficient glass, and third – is a qualified professional installation. How then is it done? Traditionally, in Russia and CIS countries was dominated by window profiles with a mounting width of 58 – 60 mm.

They suggested that all manufacturers – German, Russian, Turkish and Chinese. Standard value of the mounting width of 58 mm appeared on the world not as a result of speculative calculations, and as the most cost effective solution to the problem of profile designs, especially the frame. With to a permanent tightening of requirements for energy efficiency has forced developers of specialized systems move towards increasing the circuit width. One of the first such system developed by the German VEKA, presenting the construction a series of market profiles TOPLINE. In 2003, VEKA has released another 70-mm profile system of classical design – SOFTLINE, which in 2005 began to produce and Russian forces group in Moscow and Novosibirsk. The second parameter, which may affect the profile of producers, is the number of chambers in the frame and sash. .

The Engine

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I told this story not just so, and to convey the emotions of a man who is the first time with faulty moped one-on-one, away from home, not knowing what to do with it. Still, a moped – not a bike that can carry under your arm. Even now I sometimes wonder – What happened then in a way – to disguise a moped in the bushes and walk home, or same roll it up to the house until the give up the ghost of loss of strength! But enough about the bad, in fact it was only the beginning. Perhaps the incident at the beginning of a moped would permanently eradicate the desire to leave it far from home, but the desire to go farther and farther, eventually prevailed. After three hundred kilometers, I replaced the engine and transmission oil, washed and oiled air filter. Motor oil and oil filter were purchased along with a moped in reserve as 300 kilometers, as expected, you can dash off for a week (as it turned out).

Transmission oil, said it is possible though for Lada fill – there are only about 100 milliliters should have used some Lukoil for a car (motorbike with him worked fine until the end, then at 1000 km it too flooded). Transmission oil drain bolt seems to be rooted. Collective intelligence could not find a way to unscrew it does. In these attempts broke one head (cracked), and then even a long road trying to loosen the knob – but nothing helped.