Analysis City

Half of lodging? in the work in question it was not located no ways of lodging. Bars, restaurants, snack bars and ice cream parloies. Travel agencies? it does not have. Landlords of automobiles? she does not have. Ranks of tourist information? it does not have.? Competitive advantages: Preservation of the cultural environment and? Borborema still meets in a phase of development of its cycle of life, planned of sustainable form, the locality will be able to develop of sustainable form and still to generate new jobs and income for the community. B.

competitive Analysis: B.1. Attributes that make possible the purchase of the destination, compared with other similars:? The proximity with the City of Joo Pessoa and a Great, with the presence of Airport, relatively next Campina, facilitates the access of the tourists;? Calendar of events? parties during almost the year all.? Hospitable community;? Calm city;? The organized form in which the city was being constructed;? Echo-tourism? with available natural resources, waterfalls, dam, barrage and tracks;? Pleasant climate; being situated in m? esorregio of the Paraibano Wasteland and in the Microregion of the Paraibano Heath. With amenas temperatures and rainy period it enters the months of April and July.? Tourism of adventure? the possibility of if practising the montanhismo, rappel, trekkers and tirolesa, and still the tracks most complex. C. Values of the destinations:? Roots that provoke an only satisfaction: The first city to have an hydroelectric plant. Houses in Baroque style, and its wide streets, with hand and against-hand and seedbeds in the way. That is, the history of the city, as it at the time developed and its great importance for the region. Beyond the Waterfall of the Hogfish, known world-wide for its beauty, height and falls d? waters.? Support: Repleta of natural landscapes is a locality, with its waterfalls and tracks. D. Portiflio of the product:? Waterfall of the Hogfish? had as one of most beautiful attractive of the State of the Paraba, situated in the Cities of Borborema, Bananeiras and Pirpirituba.