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Analysis City

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Half of lodging? in the work in question it was not located no ways of lodging. Bars, restaurants, snack bars and ice cream parloies. Travel agencies? it does not have. Landlords of automobiles? she does not have. Ranks of tourist information? it does not have.? Competitive advantages: Preservation of the cultural environment and? Borborema still meets in a phase of development of its cycle of life, planned of sustainable form, the locality will be able to develop of sustainable form and still to generate new jobs and income for the community. B.

competitive Analysis: B.1. Attributes that make possible the purchase of the destination, compared with other similars:? The proximity with the City of Joo Pessoa and a Great, with the presence of Airport, relatively next Campina, facilitates the access of the tourists;? Calendar of events? parties during almost the year all.? Hospitable community;? Calm city;? The organized form in which the city was being constructed;? Echo-tourism? with available natural resources, waterfalls, dam, barrage and tracks;? Pleasant climate; being situated in m? esorregio of the Paraibano Wasteland and in the Microregion of the Paraibano Heath. With amenas temperatures and rainy period it enters the months of April and July.? Tourism of adventure? the possibility of if practising the montanhismo, rappel, trekkers and tirolesa, and still the tracks most complex. C. Values of the destinations:? Roots that provoke an only satisfaction: The first city to have an hydroelectric plant. Houses in Baroque style, and its wide streets, with hand and against-hand and seedbeds in the way. That is, the history of the city, as it at the time developed and its great importance for the region. Beyond the Waterfall of the Hogfish, known world-wide for its beauty, height and falls d? waters.? Support: Repleta of natural landscapes is a locality, with its waterfalls and tracks. D. Portiflio of the product:? Waterfall of the Hogfish? had as one of most beautiful attractive of the State of the Paraba, situated in the Cities of Borborema, Bananeiras and Pirpirituba.

The System

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All consumista structure of the current system of things foments the illusion of &#039 large-scale; ' ter' ' for ' ' ser' ' , and to the measure that the individuals if full of merchandises, they go being each time emptier in the existencial direction. The implicit message for backwards of the diverse propagandas of the current system of consumption is of that, if the living creature to consume its infinite merchandises, will thus have found the perfect antidote for its existencial tdio. Such it offers, in the truth, is a decoy, therefore the stratagem of ' ' dream of consumo' ' it only favors the pautados mechanisms of escape in ' ' deslocamentos' ' ' ' projections livres' ' of the neurotizado individual. It is evident that to the will to consume many times it is beyond the rationality. We can say that, in a general way, he is vitiated who it makes the vice and not it vice the vitiated one.

In the diverse vices and crazes of modernity, unconscious projections are hidden that finish for coating, enganosamente, the fabulosas merchandises of the system. Who takes one ' ' bath of loja' ' in badalado shopping it can, in the truth, to be using of this excess of consumption as a way of avoidance not to carry through a reform in its internal world; &#039 is more easy; ' to change of camisa' ' of what to change certain aspects undesirable of the personality. At the same time, to the seen being buying powerful is felt, therefore, desired for the others, thus, it refuses internal feelings of insignificncia and of inferiority, and, to the expenseses of these fantassticos resources, a pleasant one is created recognition illusion. Certainly it was such constatao, that it made Freud to write: ' ' It is impossible to run away to the impression of that the people comumente use false standards of evaluation, that is, of that they search to be able, success and wealth for same them admires and them in the others, subestimando everything what truily it has value in vida' '. (Freud, 1974, p.73) The neurotic tries, for the way of the consumption, to exist and to be accepted as person, therefore its purchases are not utilitarian, but yes a manifestation of the poverty of its internal universe, factor this that constantly compels to appeal to it to the wealth and the opulence of the external world. If what it bought loses its function as symbol of status or investment of its capital, he is despaired e, for times, dumb drastically its aesthetic and enterprise concepts. An authoritarian and invisible conscience compels the neurotic if to adjust to the fashions and crazes passengers, internally creates terrible uncertainties that finish being used for the system as weapons of control and ideological manipulation. Trying to run away from its existenciais doubts, the dominated one finishes for buying ' ' certezas falsas' ' , he takes what it to a gradual process of desumanizao and, finally, the neurotic finishes being ' ' coisificado' ' for the consumption system, becoming in this way, plus a mere merchandise of the capitalist society.

The Same

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Considering the injury level, and time of aptitude in the task, we can say that probably the pupils would be inside of the waited one in view of the three domnios cited for Magill (1989), and related as phases for acquisition of the human knowledge. Another factor that can have influenced in this result, was to the landmark of the space for the accomplishment of the task, a time that is common in analyzes of the data perceives pupils worried in carrying through in agreement movement the drawing in the soil, if forgetting to observe I stimulate it appearance supplied for the environment and proceeding from specific movements of the task. proceeding from specific movements of the task. In the evaluation of the data of one another movement, cocorinha reached resulted above of the initial levels of the learning. We can say that this movement of the capoeira is related to the esquiva, also being able to be to relate with basic the motor ability to deviate or to lower (GALLAHUE; OZMUN, 2001), from there perhaps the indication for results above average. In this ability it specifies of the capoeira, a pupil did not carry through the movement the same, coinciding with that it did not carry through ginga, two pupils had presented initial levels in the learning of movement, three pupils had presented elements that indicate learning and assimilation above of the period of training verbal-engine (MAGILL, 1989) of the learning, and two pupils had reached in the average evaluations above of the waited one, coinciding with the same one that they had been classified as advanced in the task ginga (Graphical 2). We can consider that these numbers reached in the evaluation if give probably for the fact of the ability to lower to be present in the daily one of these pupils, introduced for other forms of stimulatons happened of the environment, without needing to be specify of the modality.

Guillermo Maxwell First

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Or in the Farm Ours Lady of the Bonsucesso (old Farm of the Device of the Rock, pertaining to would sesmaria of Inhama), that it went of Manguinhos to the Penha, passing for Bonsucesso, Branches and Pottery. However, according to Brazil Gerson, the devotion was result of the name of the quarter, not contrary it. For it, who brought this name for the first time for the region was D. Ceclia Vieira de Bonsucesso. It was famous for having, in 1754, remodelled and embelezado a chapel raised in 1738, for a worshipper of Saint Antonio. After this, the canaviais of the roundnesses had passed to be known as ‘ ‘ the fields of Bonsucesso’ ‘.

From there in ahead, it turned the name the quarter, the station of the Railroad Leopoldina and, is clearly, of the Bonsucesso Soccer Club. The Bonsucesso was established, in 12.10.1913, for a group of boys of 12 the 16 years, led for Altamiro de Castro Pig, in the house of the father of it, Francisco Da Silva Pig (that it finished adhering to the idea and if became the first president of the club), that current Av. of the Democratic ones (for request of the club of same name was in n 574 of the Road of the Penha, on which we say in our article ‘ ‘ Carnavalescas influences in the soccer carioca’ ‘) Street Cardoso de Morais (doctor and poet). Its inaugural departure was five days later, a victory of 3×1 on HERE the Riachuelo. It ordered its games in lands of the angito Device of the Rock and the outskirts, that the engineer Guillermo Maxwell had acquired for urbanization and land division.

Billings APA

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For the fact of being distant of the main quarters, in the last few decades had to the population crecimento of the cities, the sprouting of land divisions around of the dams Billings and Guarapiranga occurred, being thus the city grew each time more for the South, invading an extensive area of remaining Atlantic Bush of the city of So Paulo and the region Metropolitan. After 2000, when the interest for the area was despertou, mainly caused by the problems that occurred there, the city hall and the Secretariat of the Green and Environment they had year introduced some programs (public politics) in the attempt to diminish the problems caused for the irregular occupation and the contamination of the dams. The main program dated of 1996 eh known as Program Sources (SVMA, 2001) whose objective is the recovery ambient partner of slum quarters and located precarious land divisions in the region of the Guarapiranga dam. After four years paralyzed, in 2005 the Program was extended and started to also act in the areas of the Billings dam. Had its recent creation, the APA Capivari – Monos is reflected of a new politics of environment in Brazil. The governments are investing of legal form to create units of protection, whose objectives are to keep and to brake the advance of the populations on area of excellent ecological interest and the integral and controlled protection of the diverse ecosystems found in Brazil. 2.4 The Institute Chico Mendes the Areas of Ambient Protection are Unidades de Conservao of the nature of sustainable use and are tied with the Institute Chico Mendes de Conservao of Biodiversity (ICMBio). Created recently in 2007, one is about an entailed autarchy to the Ministry of the Environment of the Federal Government that integrates the National System of the Environment (Sisnama). Being its main paper to manage the 11 Units of Conservation, that are areas of important ecological value, as it is the case of the APA Capivari – Monos, fit to the institute to execute the actions of the national politics of Units of Conservation, being also exerted the function of: to consider, to implant, to manage, to protect, to fiscalize and to monitor the UCs, consisting then of vital importance for the APA.