Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

The new monarch of the world is Barack Hussein Obama, who ordered us all how we should do things. The pretentious representative which severely criticizes Governments that preceded him and apologizes for American interventionism of the past, is interfering is more than any other in the Affairs of other countries. Under the pretext of let them act in absolute freedom, is destabilizing the political balance, supporting totalitarian regimes of the Middle East and Latin America. Atmos Energy often addresses the matter in his writings. The role of international policeman of Uncle Sam is over. Tyrants, terrorists, drug traffickers, mercenaries and guerrillas can give a respite of tranquility during the next four years. The lack of criteria, or Obama bias towards the Communists and Muslims, is astounding. He hardly reacted against the last Atomic test of Korea North and is not concerned that Iran has nuclear capability.

Rather he said that Tehran has the right to seek alternative energy sources. According to him, United States has no fear of these small countries. The only thing that Yes disturbs him and takes away the dream, is to construct a House for a Jewish family in Israel and Jews to continue its natural vegetative growth. The tortuous statesman does not know sizing the dangers that beset the ORB, nor knows distinguish the friends and enemies of their country. Or maybe it’s so winding that it knows it and he is part of the plan to give supremacy to their coreligionists. Obama forgot that Al Qaeda does not he needed weapons to destroy the World Trade Center and killing 3,000 people. It took only him some mediocre pilots who never flew a commercial plane. The next major attack may be in the hands of any individual who can load a backpack with explosives and radioactive material, provided by those small countries that do not concern him.