Central Brazil

During XX books of history had century left to desire, therefore in register of conquests, of movements popular, of revolts and of many other cases that the politics and the democratization of the country had participated although our country to be considered I pacify, many slaughters if they had occurred on behalf of the power, of the progress and the democracy. The indians had had that if to mobilize constantly to defend its territory of frequent onslaughts. Some etnias had dared to breach the established limits and had searched to assure and to protect parcels of its territories that had been outside of the limits of the Park, in a forceful attempt withhold the annihilating wave of the deforestation of remaining areas of its ancestral territories. While the eyes of the world were come back it Military dictatorship, the exile of the writers, students, politicians etc. the estudantil movement of JOINS and the slaughter of the guerrillas, the progress adentrava Central Brazil specifically in the north of Mato Grosso with the opening of BR 163 for 9 Battalion of Engineering the Construction (9BEC) continued, on behalf of the progress to assassinate indians as the PANAR (the giant indians that inhabited the region between Peixoto de Azevedo and Matup) called for the Kayap of KREEN AKARORE what he means scraped head.

The indians had testified the speed of this process of regional settling with much apprehension, given the scale of deforestation, the degradation of the rivers, the formation of a vast road mesh and the sprouting of the cities, delineating a picture of territorial confinement and destruction of entorno of the Park. The pacification of the Metyktire, for the Good Villas brothers, was in 1953.Em this time, them was called Txucarrame, (the owners of borduna) identification given for its enemies Yudj or Juruna. The same ones belong to the powerful Kayap group.