It moaned, taking the hand to the head. Helena entered fast and helped to lie down it in a sofa. – Samanta? What it happened? Before being unconscious, Samanta raised the hand, pointed with respect to one cmoda, where it was a package and it whispered: – I placed in abajur The hand fell and the young woman was immovable. Helena thought about telephoning for a hospital, when it heard a racket I retire in it to the side. Alvaro appeared suddenly. – The strokes in the door, I judged that it was been deceptive.

It is making what you here? Helena was indecisa, without knowing what to say what to make. The man looked at for the young woman in the sofa and came back to face Helena. – Samanta said some thing on me? It asked, coming close itself. Pressentindo the danger, Helena did not answer, it gave stocking it comes back and it left hasty. Alvaro cried out: – He waits, I want to talk with Mrs.! Helena went down the stairs fastest that it could. The steps of Alvaro had sounded behind it. Without looking at it stops backwards, it entered in the car, it bound the engine and it left. It was scared, with fear.

Not wise person what she had happened with Samanta, but suspected that Alvaro had looked for to hinder that the sister spoke with Laura. She decided polices to go it, to say what somebody had happened would order an ambulance to help the young woman. Minutes later, Helena was obliged to stop in a crossing. Waiting the green signal to light, it looked at for the retrovisor mirror and saw Alvaro in a white goal, behind its car. It made a gesture with the hand so that it stopped more ahead. But, as soon as the signal opened Helena stepped on in the accelerator. The car advanced and suddenly it had an impact, and the blackout When Helena opened the eyes discovered that she was lying in a bed, in one room spotted of white, an unknown place. Close to the window it had a white closet, armchair, and a chair to the side of the stream bed. It had that to make a great effort to obtain to move head e