Dan Milman

The waters already are others, and the man already is another man. Certain all good, them was armed. With each small event I was led to a great transformation, where it learned forms and principles of leadership, to learn that serving it is better and bigger that the served being. In the change of personality and the physical change, I obtained to conquer my vacant in the team, exactly with much resistance of the trainer, I did not give up, I fought, and we were champion, with my change, I could approach me to the team all, colleagues had turned friends, my experience was transforming the life of each one. My bigger victory was not more to be always conquering medals, but yes, to be being useful for all those people who were close. – Where you this? – Here. – Who is you now? – Dan Milmam, the new. – That hours are? – This moment.

It was with this dialogue, in way my first olmpica competition, the last time that heard Scrates, since then, never more the vi, I heard never more it, had been its teachings and its examples of leader. The times I find that it was only one dream, made me to a dream to wake up. That each moment either a blow, where the breath can flow that air if expands, that I see what I can be, that I listen to the sound of each thing, that feels each vibration, that I look for to be successful being happy, that my force either my certainty, that to my guides me conscience and my perception shows the certain way to me. Davidson Menezes. The day in them brings the happiness, not it destination. It better surprises, it conquers, it makes its. We are who we can be dreams that we can have Engineers of the Hawaii.

I am Dan Milman, and this is part of my history. Debtor. Reflective text, elaborated based in the film: The Power Beyond the Life, exclusively for didactic ends. Davidson Menezes Luis Rodrigues.