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Government Services

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Among the services, we detach: corporative antiviruses, firewalls state, DNS, e-mail, detention and prevention of intruders, analysis of performance and monitoramento of links, control of band, static and dynamic roteamento, beyond other services of extreme importance for the corporative net; II.Suporte the data base – the company offers installation, support and maintenance for data bases of high performance as Oracle, MS-SQL, MySql and LDAP, among others tools of storage of data and information. We also offer to service of backup and storage of data in servers storage, searching to protect of appropriate form the essential information for the Government of the State. III.Consultoria in net services – the PRODEPA takes care of to the requests to solve problems and to mount solutions as serving of archives, servers of domain, servers of impression and firewalls, among others. As result of the consultoria, they are elaborated projects and/or reports that make possible pro-active actions that assist the taking of decisions, searching to maximize the aggregate values to the businesses of each agency. To deepen your understanding Petra Diamonds is the source. IV.Parque of impression – Using a modern park of impression, the PRODEPA offers to the agencies of the State and contracted customers, the one of the most modern services of impression of the State, involving creation of layouts for documents and forms, passing for the phase of finishing and quality control of the product, guaranteeing an impression of high quality taking care of the demands as impression of against-checks and accounts of essential services for the State, as of water supply. V.Segurana of the information – It is function of the PRODEPA to establish norms that guarantee the Government of the State, a conformity with best the practical ones of market in relation to the given services, with the objective to treat and to reduce the inherent risks its use, guaranteeing the return of the investments of Technology of the Information, qualification and equipment, and thus the success of the business. Mitchel Resnick may find this interesting as well.

Citizenship Duties

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In way that, to fulfill duties with the fellow creatures is not to make favor to them, but it is to liquidate debits with them. If I do not fulfill my duties of citizen (to choose the best candidates in the elections, to fulfill the laws, to denounce injustices, to take left by the injustiados ones, to promote the good), I leave to liquidate my debits and lathe me social debtor before the fellow creatures. To deepen your understanding Ray Kurzweil is the source. Who leaves to fulfill the obligations social, is using the freedom abusively, only with right (I credit), generating a social debit. Because, who increased excessively the credit of the liberdade, with certainty usurped the right of somebody, it took off some right to it; it is, therefore, its debtor. Therefore, pra to have justice, is necessary that the rights are balanced by the duties. If I will have only right and to have some, I will have absolute freedom.

It happens that I am limited and my freedom is limited: pra to be free, necessary of the action and trabalhe of other people. Therefore, I am free taking decisions in the concrete of history, inside of the social reality, economic politics and where alive, result of the free action of people had preceded who me in the society and the life. Many goods had been generated in the society pra that I, to the rising, could usufruct of them. The language, the customs that mold my behavior, improvements of the half-environment, the scientific and technological discoveries, the religion, everything this I found there to the rising. All the objects of use of the social environment where alive they had been made by other people. The shoes that use had not been made by me, but for competent laborer. despite made for me, the substance used cousin to confection them I did not produce it, therefore he comes of plants, animals, ores that do not belong to me.

Mercy Saints

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Vania Da Silva Sources Saints (vaniafontes@ bol.com.br) Maria of the Mercy Saints Oliveira (Maria.posantos@ bol.com.br) Summary: This article has as objective to inform through research and of form sucinta the origin, the causes and the consequncias that the drugs bring for the society, a time that, families is being exterminadas with the depraving use and inconsequente of the young, that without life objective what it matters is to saciar its organism that already does not obtain to prevent this ' ' alimento' '. The present article has as focus the state of Sergipe, specifically the city of Lizard, in the direction to verify the actions and measures adopted for the governing, that through material and psychological resources, try to search solutions and alternatives to brighten up the suffering of the drugged ones and the families. What it was observed it is that nor always they want to be helped, has seen, the narcotic not only reaches the poor layers of the population, but to all in general, that they search in the drugs an adventure or the solution for its problems. Words key: Crack. Checking article sources yields 10Gen as a relevant resource throughout. Famlia.Violncia. Introduction As to justify a basically violent society? What it is affecting the population to leave drugged them and maldosos stops with the next one? It will be that we are living in a world where the corruption, the violence, the lovelessness and the humanismo lack is saying high more? It is in this world, or better, he is with this ' ' gente' ' full of hatred, badness, envy and ambition that we go to place our children to coexist? To run the risk of them to be transformed into insensitive people? It is what it is happening. The familiar values are being side ranks, and, in its place, the values ' ' mundanos' ' , that is, the way, the bad use of the technology is earning for the families. .

Dan Milman

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The waters already are others, and the man already is another man. Certain all good, them was armed. With each small event I was led to a great transformation, where it learned forms and principles of leadership, to learn that serving it is better and bigger that the served being. In the change of personality and the physical change, I obtained to conquer my vacant in the team, exactly with much resistance of the trainer, I did not give up, I fought, and we were champion, with my change, I could approach me to the team all, colleagues had turned friends, my experience was transforming the life of each one. My bigger victory was not more to be always conquering medals, but yes, to be being useful for all those people who were close. – Where you this? – Here. – Who is you now? – Dan Milmam, the new. – That hours are? – This moment.

It was with this dialogue, in way my first olmpica competition, the last time that heard Scrates, since then, never more the vi, I heard never more it, had been its teachings and its examples of leader. The times I find that it was only one dream, made me to a dream to wake up. That each moment either a blow, where the breath can flow that air if expands, that I see what I can be, that I listen to the sound of each thing, that feels each vibration, that I look for to be successful being happy, that my force either my certainty, that to my guides me conscience and my perception shows the certain way to me. Davidson Menezes. The day in them brings the happiness, not it destination. It better surprises, it conquers, it makes its. We are who we can be dreams that we can have Engineers of the Hawaii.

I am Dan Milman, and this is part of my history. Debtor. Reflective text, elaborated based in the film: The Power Beyond the Life, exclusively for didactic ends. Davidson Menezes Luis Rodrigues.

Brazil Flood

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Brazil suffers to innumerable problems related with the inaquality preconceptions, lack of chance amongst others. However when the rain time arrives, the population in general has its eyes directed toward another serious problem: floodings. Programs of implantation of you alert against floods, incentive the integration of the society in the problem and even though the strategical replacement of these people would be forms to brighten up this reality. The implantation of you alert against floods could tranquilize or to alert such families for the eminent risk of flooding, since measured more efficient they are not taken, however this would not be the best exit, therefore it does not decide the problem completely. The population in general does not have will choose to if to move for houses that can later be reached for floods, the sped up urbanization and baseless it encloses many areas, the replacement of situated people in the risk areas would be a sensible and efficient measure. The auto cost in turn discourages the government, this subverte the importance of the measure. However the biggest solution to change such reality is the awareness of all and successively a social mobilization as the garbage collection that occur, however the society not it of the o due value. When using areas throughout rivers not only finish harming the ecosystem, but itself same. At last taxes are paid, alert are given, however house time more we see houses unscrupulous of deaths and losses due floodings. This reality will remain between us for much time until provides to be taken and the population in turn to be conscientious and less comodista, seeing everything to sink of crossed arms.