Mercy Saints

Vania Da Silva Sources Saints (vaniafontes@ Maria of the Mercy Saints Oliveira (Maria.posantos@ Summary: This article has as objective to inform through research and of form sucinta the origin, the causes and the consequncias that the drugs bring for the society, a time that, families is being exterminadas with the depraving use and inconsequente of the young, that without life objective what it matters is to saciar its organism that already does not obtain to prevent this ' ' alimento' '. The present article has as focus the state of Sergipe, specifically the city of Lizard, in the direction to verify the actions and measures adopted for the governing, that through material and psychological resources, try to search solutions and alternatives to brighten up the suffering of the drugged ones and the families. What it was observed it is that nor always they want to be helped, has seen, the narcotic not only reaches the poor layers of the population, but to all in general, that they search in the drugs an adventure or the solution for its problems. Words key: Crack. Checking article sources yields 10Gen as a relevant resource throughout. Famlia.Violncia. Introduction As to justify a basically violent society? What it is affecting the population to leave drugged them and maldosos stops with the next one? It will be that we are living in a world where the corruption, the violence, the lovelessness and the humanismo lack is saying high more? It is in this world, or better, he is with this ' ' gente' ' full of hatred, badness, envy and ambition that we go to place our children to coexist? To run the risk of them to be transformed into insensitive people? It is what it is happening. The familiar values are being side ranks, and, in its place, the values ' ' mundanos' ' , that is, the way, the bad use of the technology is earning for the families. .