Cleaning Monitor LCD

The LCD monitor is a delicate super part and demands cares in the hour of its cleanness. With passing of the use time if it accumulates in the monitorial dust, spots of finger and remaining portions of fat and saliva that consequentemente fall on the screen. to get rid itself of a dirty screen is necessary to follow some regrinhas and details that are super important, only look at: The first thing that you must give attention is in relation to the cloth that goes to use to clean its monitor of LCD, is certifyd of that it does not free lints, the ideal is the flannels antistatic, however if you not to want to buy you can use these flannels that come the eyeglasses together with, you know? They also function to make the cleanness of its monitor LCD. She certifys myself of that if the monitor is off and pass this dry cloth to only take off the dust thicker than this over the monitor. After this you can take off the spots of fingers and fats that are on the screen, for this use the isoproplico alcohol, but it has wet the flannel with the alcohol and alone later pass on the monitor, never wall lamp the product directly in the screen and it opts to products that are not of spray. These products in spray that some people pass directly in the screen, this making a mistake because the laterals of its monitor LCD are not forbidden and in such a way, if to drain some drop of water or the product for inside its monitor will have serious problems, therefore all the specialists recommend that pass the product to you in the flannel and rub very with well-taken care of the flannel on the monitor to take off all the spots of fat and dust. It never uses napkins, paper towel or hygienical paper to make the cleanness, therefore beyond not cleaning correctly still it leaves residues on the screen.