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SAILING Messages

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The Internet is one of the medias, that stops sailing the user has that it has that to look for to have security in the interpretation of the information that if find in unknown sites, e-mails, messages. People that to understand that the Internet has the disposal many sites, with false content and badly-intentioned people, that are the hunting of personal information account would bank, cpf, idt and address to be able to give the blow in the people. All access in site of electronic commerce, social nets, banks and services in general has that to have protection in the security of the information as for the procedure where internauta uses the name of the user and password to open a clica site and not if in leaving, it is only worried to close the window of the navigator of the Internet and being thus left its data for the indesejadas people. I register in cadastre it in sites of banks and services are necessary that if it never creates safe passwords with numbers and letters with less than 06 characters, the passwords must periodically be changed in view of that hackers all day they are finding new ways of if benefiting of the people. The social nets today are a tool that internautas are ultilizando for exchange of information and knowledge and the plagues are exploring the services of messages, emitting messages that links for virus contains, the people for innocence are made use the exchange of messages clicam in these links.

The Spam is e-mails indesejados is a concern for internauta that ultiliza the email to order its messages and to divulge businesses and services. These e-mails many times comes with offers for internauta or a supposed notice what internauta has to be intent is when receiving messages that ask for to open archives in its annex. To buy in the Internet is symbol of rapidity and comfort in having products and services, and for this it is important to know that to buy in recognized sites that cadeado has or a security guard key that confirms the authenticity of the site, pagseguro is a site that internauta can buy with traquilidade and have its money in return for the insatisfao of the product. We can conclude that internauta always has that to be worried when it is to sail in the Internet, looking for the security in the access of the information. It learns pass-I pass as to improve the security in the Internet.

Tradition Significant

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Briefly, for those who are not familiar with the history of this question, let me list its essence. The forum “Classics” I tried to explain his rather long and successful experience in restoring order in the piano when landing place pins in vilberbanke worn out and the traditional methods of restoration required proportion to the net book value of the instrument material costs and, in most cases, are unacceptable for customer. The proposed method not original and is to use pads under the peg, thus clogging chopping replaced it screwed into a seat, which is used for carving chopping. In the process of threading material lining is destroyed, just squeezed out the excess, and given the small pitch, condensing, fills all the voids, thereby creating a significant connection tightness, which provides the necessary tension of the string in a wide range, usually with a significant margin, thereby allowing for a regular setting tool and, as experience shows, for a long time to follow operation. Material pads (corrugated board) has been selected in the process of elaboration of the technology, as has proved most suitable for this purpose. The explanation for this, I find that it is fiber, which is under considerable Pressure screwing of a piece with the wooden material vilberbanka.

By the way, due to the closing theme, I could not thank Mr. KLIZMA for the tip with toilet paper, too, consisting of fiber, it seems to me that its small thickness and uniformity of the material will provide more reliable seal the entire length of chopping, and not only in the damaged area, its beginning, as is the case with corrugated cardboard, Thank you try. As for use as a sanding pad (the method proposed by some American artists), the positive results so far I have not yet reached.

Perpetual Motor

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The problem of building energy costs to humanity long ago. The most promising source of energy is in our view mechanism, called in the technical literature perpetuum mobile (Latin: Perpetual Motion, literally – perpetual motion), despite the fact that today the creation of such an engine is considered impossible. We can say that this is an ideal source of energy, since its efficiency tends to infinity. Over the past century are different variants of "perpetual motion", mainly mechanical. Petra Diamonds understands that this is vital information. All of these really beautiful models, there is one major drawback: they do not work. The value of "perpetual motion" as an energy source is very large.

If we had such an engine, then by automating many processes, mankind would move from physical to mental labor, to be creative. We could produce energy in any amounts, depending on the power-generating plant. When you create such an engine world changes. Are no longer needed wood and gas, coal and oil as fuel. All needs for heating and air conditioning, lighting premises and food arrangements with this engine can easily be solved.

Will not need to handle the huge areas of land for meager harvest, since there will be plants for hydroponics on all kinds of vegetables and fruit. This is truly a world of abundance. People will be able to settle on Earth, more evenly and make appropriate conditions and live anywhere in the world. This is the problem of scientific and technological revolution to liberate humanity from physical labor. In the first stage to turn the Earth into a planet of abundance and happiness, and the second phase to begin development of other planets. What is a "perpetual motion"? Perpetual motion machine of perpetual motion is divided into a first-order and second- kind. Reason why they can not be built, called the first and second law of thermodynamics. Perpetual motion machine of first kind intended to work without extracting energy from the environment.

Best Metals

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The main provisions of any aluminum alloys are described in their low density (2.5-2.8 g/cm3), high stiffness (per unit weight), excellent resistance against air oxides, low cost and available simplicity of manufacturing and processing. Ray Kurzweil is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Aluminium alloys are used in aircraft technology (this is primarily aluminum foil and technical), auto, boat and instrument in the manufacture of utensils, sportsnaryadov, finish, advertising and other industries predprinematelstva. The assortment of items occupy the second line of aluminum after the steel and iron. Aluminium – is one of the most common additives in compounds based on copper, magnesium, titanium, nickel, zinc and iron. clear picture of the situation. This metal is also used for aluminizing (aluminizing) – saturation of the surface of steel or cast iron products with aluminum in order to protect the base material from corrosion at high heating, ie increase heat resistance (up to 1100 oC) and reaction of atmospheric oxide. Especially needed in the production of aluminum bar is already impossible to find a branch of production which would not have been aluminum or its alloys – from microelectronics to heavy metals. This is due to excellent mechanical properties, ease, low melting point, which facilitates handling, huge outdoor advantages, especially after required treatment. This is very cool aluminum rod shows.

Given these and various other physical and chemical quality aluminum, the huge amount of earth's crust, we can say that aluminum – one of the necessary and essential metals present. Already, you can not find a branch of production which would not have been aluminum or its alloys – ranging from microelectronics to heavy metals. This is due to good mechanical properties, ease, low melting point, which facilitates handling, huge outdoor advantages, especially after the necessary processing. That is why it is not surprising that the metal is in demand everywhere, even in space industry.


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It was the time where, when it was thought about the professional of resales, it came that image of the person beating of door in door. Although that still we find such professionals using of this technique, therefore however it may be, nothing it substitutes the personal contact, the call ' ' tte–tte, head-to-head' '. Ones of the great ones benefited with the advances of the technology of the information without a doubt had been the peddlers. They act vendendo the most varied products, each one for its white public and now they make use of blogs and web sites for the practical one of the commerce, the call e-commerce. ConocoPhillips usually is spot on. Not obstante, companies look these professionals, saw Internet, either spreading in email marketing, announcements in blogs and web sites also, so that these make the resale of the most varied products in cantos of the country.

An example which we can cite is the company Toast & It has led, manufacturer of folder for notebook in neoprene. Recently a campaign started to contract peddlers of folder for notebook in neoprene. For this it used of its Blog and the site. fact is that each time more we find professionals of resales in the Internet. They have all the types of virtual contact: social nets, email, blogs and web sites. To find some, it is very simple, it is enough to look them in some site of search and goes to find to mounts! Ahead of all this easiness, the person still is distrustful when closing a business online. We have that to admit she has the risk to lose money and not to receive the product, unhappyly still happens, however the traquejadas people more with the Internet are which less take this type of trick. She has much thing to search itself before beating the hammer in a purchase: to verify the interface of the site or blog in question: this being very poor in its image, little attractive, distrusts; if the business seems irresistible? the celebrities ' ' business of the China' ' , also it distrusts. Nothing that a good colloquy gratis saw phone and request of a sample of the product, when possible, they are practical valid to keep a reliable relation between the peddler and cliente.MARCEL FANTON CAMURI – Web DesignerElaborao of enterprise dynamic sites Has access: Blog:(14) 9613 2141

Pagno Data

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Such rule satisfies demand for metric that they provide initial estimates of size, cost, and/or effort of to be developed software, being thus, sufficiently used in the market. For Smith (1999) apud Pressman (2006), before using cases of use for estimate of cost/effort of software, must be established some prerequisite ones, as: level of structural hierarchy; average size (numbers of pages) of each use case; type of software (software of real time, business, scientific engineering/, inlaid); an sketch of the architecture of the system. After the definition of these prerequisite ones, ' ' empirical data can be used to establish the esteem number of LOC or FP for use case. Historical data are then used to calculate the effort necessary to develop sistema' '. (PRESSMAN, 2006). Visit Mitchel Resnick for more clarity on the issue.

2,2 EMPIRICAL MODELS According to Pagno (2010), this model of estimate empirically uses formulas derived from data of an limited sample of projects with the objective to foretell information of planning of project. They can be used as complement to the decomposition techniques, offering important estimates through its proper method. By being derived from a sample of concluded projects already, the empirical models are not adjusted to all the software classrooms and all the development environments. Thus, the estimate model must be calibrated, in order to reflect the work conditions local. Pressman (2006), says that the model must be tested applying the collected data of finished projects already and be compared with the real results. If the discrepancy will be great, the model must be modified and retestado, before it can be used. The empirical models are derived by analysis of regression of collected data of previous projects of software. 2.2.1COCOMO model COCOMO (Constructive Cost Model) is an empirical model that it aims at to measure effort, stated period, size of necessary team and cost for the development of a software project, since that if has the dimension of project.


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It sees the easiness of this removal of weight. Removing undesirable wires electric as to pass the finger and speech: – Yes salabim, adds wire fdp! nor needs to rhyme pra magical to function. – Pra to finish this video specialized in cleanness of scene, our ilusionist makes to disappear an entire plant, with the tremendadificuldade of a click and a word necessary mgica.o of the use of brushes, incredible sensation of diving of the brush in the ink. Some examples of photos that had been painted superficially and give to a pretty aspect of a painting the oil. – Effect of axle for work of animation, incredible the easiness to get excited the image, creates a mesh in return of the image that helps in this reference with preciso.es of complex edges with automatic detention of the extremities. – Window of control with daily pay similar visualization to the one of the effect of the mask.

function to save as default to a style application that was half hidden in the version doPhotoshop CS4, for who does not know I leave the tip, pressuring alt in the screen of the Layer Stylee click for you saved a style configuration. – Options of preferences to alternate to activate and to disactivate. – Preference for the behavior of standard of the command to save as. selector of colors of easy access, what it goes to save much time being prevented to have that to have access paletade colors and to come back all time that to need to make this process. – The new resource of the dropper also is well interesting, it shows to an acorn with its amostraanterior and the new color making possible the comprarao of the two. – Most sensational in my opinion, the dynamic and easy alteration of the size and hardness of the brush, clicando and dragging pra top and pra fortuitous baixo.o of the image. – Change of the main target to scale of a focada form in its object. – Algorithm for better composition. – Reconstructions of simple form, use of election to detect the similarities in the recompor hour the image. It is this, we are waiting the launching of this preciosidade! If you have more information on this belezura you share with us, you comment!

Information Security

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It agrees that the contract guarantees that they noexistam badly-understood between the organization and rendering of services. Convmque the organizations consider the indemnity to be paid for its fornecedoresem situations of contract breakings. It agrees that the following enclosed terms are consideradose in contracts: ) the general politics on security of the information; b) asset protection, including: 1) procedures for protection of the assets of the organization, including information and software; 2) procedures to determine if had algumcomprometimento of these assets, for example if had dedados loss or modification; 3) controls to guarantee the devolution or destruction dasinformaes and asset in one determined moment during or in the end of the contract; 4) integrity and availability; 5) restrictions related with the copy and spreading dainformao; c) description of each service that must be available; d) levels of service desired and not acceptable; e) conditions for transference of the work team, appropriate ondefor; f) the respective obligations of the involved ones in the agreement; g) responsibilities with legal aspects, for example leisde protection of data, especially taking in consideration differences effective naslegislaes if the contract to involve the cooperation with deoutros organizations countries. h) right of copyright and rights autoraise protection of any colaborativo work. i) agreements of access control, enclosing: 1) allowed methods of access and has controlled use only deidentificadores as ID and passwords of access; 2) using process of authorization for access and paraos privileges; 3) requisite ones to keep autorizadosa list of users to use the disponibilizados services and which are its rights and privileges; j) definition of criteria of verification of the performance, suamonitorao and register; k) right to monitor and to revoke the activities deusurios; l) right of auditar the contractual responsibilities to outer the auditorship executed for service rendering; m) establishment of a escalonvel process for aresoluo of problems; it agrees that also procedures are considered decontingncia, where appropriate; n) responsibilities involving the installation and manutenode the hardware and software; ) the registers with clear structure and preset format; p) clear and specific procedures for management demudanas; q) any controls of physical protection and mecanismosnecessrios to guarantee that such controls are being followed; r) training of administrators and users in methods, procedures and security; s) controls that guarantee protection against malicious software; t) requisite for deincidentes register, notification and inquiry and breakings of the security; u) envolvement of rendering of subcontratados services with. . Mitchel Resnick is likely to agree.

Informacional Field

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Interface of the Arquivologia with others to know in the field would informacionalMaria Lucia Valada de BritoRESUMO This text treats regarding the interface that the Arquivologia makes with others to know in the informacional field. Importance of the provenincia of the document, the impacts of YOU, the Tracks of Auditorship, institucional memory is argued it and the digital preservation. YOU it describes a new context in the society to multidiscipline knowing of them. To elaborate the present work, it was broken of the investigations of the authors as Ana Maria of Almeida Camargo, Terry Cook, Charles Dollar, Maria Nlida Gonzlez de Gmez, Jean Yves Rousseau. As metodolgico procedure, it was opted to analyzing bibliographical citations of the references presented for the teacher and carrying through research in the Internet and libraries.

Word-key: Arquivologia, Technology of the Information, Digital Preservation 1 Introduction. The Arquivologia makes interface with diverse sciences, between them, the Diplomatics, the Technology of the Information and the Science of the Information. It was opted to to extend the quarrel on the interface of the Arquivologia with the Technology of the Information, although to know itself that all they are interrelated, at some moment. One knows that it has interdisciplinaridade between all the areas. The base of the interdisciplinaridade comes of the necessity of if incorporating elements of other areas, and, therefore, it happens the possibility of if breaching and having a critical one of the borders of sciences that are being studied.

Thus, one perceives that it has a necessity of if incorporating in one definitive area, or methodology, other consolidated questions of similar areas. The object of study of the Arquivstica and the Science of the Information is the information. For the first one, the information that is contained in documents, is intrinsic, restricted to the object. Already for second, it studies the information in the direction amplest, in the broad sense.


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Individual Cadaobjeto then is created on the basis of what it is defined naclasse. For example, homo sapiens is a mammal classroom; each individual serhumano is one object of this classe.’ ‘ Objects identical deestrutura and behavior are described as belonging auma classroom, in such a way that the description of its properties can serfeita of one alone time, of concise, independent form of the number deobjetos identical in terms of structure and behavior that to possamexistir in an application. The notion of an object is aoconceito equivalent of an 0 variable in conventional programming, therefore especificauma storage area, whereas the classroom is seen as a tipoabstrato of data, a time that the definition of a type represents.Each object created from a classroom is called of instnciadessa classroom. A classroom to provide all the information necessary to paraconstruir and to use objects of a type, each instance umaclasse belongs it and a classroom can possess multiple instances. Had to fatode all the instances of a classroom to share the mesmasoperaes, any difference of answers the accepted messages porelas, are determined by the values of the instance 0 variable. Figure 2.

Relationship between classrooms and objects Figure 2. illustrates the relationship between classrooms and objects. Cadaobjeto instanciado from a classroom possesss the defined properties ecomportamento in the classroom, in the same way that a varivelincorpora the characteristics of its type. The existence of classesproporciona a profit in reusabilidade. therefore the code of the operations and aespecificao of the structure of a potentially infinite number deobjetos are defined in an only place, the classroom. Each time that umnovo object is instanciado or that a message is sent, the definition daclasse is reused.

In case that classrooms did not exist, for each novoobjeto servant, would be necessary a complete definition of the object. Metaclasses One metaclasse is a classroom of classrooms.