Informacional Field

Interface of the Arquivologia with others to know in the field would informacionalMaria Lucia Valada de BritoRESUMO This text treats regarding the interface that the Arquivologia makes with others to know in the informacional field. Importance of the provenincia of the document, the impacts of YOU, the Tracks of Auditorship, institucional memory is argued it and the digital preservation. YOU it describes a new context in the society to multidiscipline knowing of them. To elaborate the present work, it was broken of the investigations of the authors as Ana Maria of Almeida Camargo, Terry Cook, Charles Dollar, Maria Nlida Gonzlez de Gmez, Jean Yves Rousseau. As metodolgico procedure, it was opted to analyzing bibliographical citations of the references presented for the teacher and carrying through research in the Internet and libraries.

Word-key: Arquivologia, Technology of the Information, Digital Preservation 1 Introduction. The Arquivologia makes interface with diverse sciences, between them, the Diplomatics, the Technology of the Information and the Science of the Information. It was opted to to extend the quarrel on the interface of the Arquivologia with the Technology of the Information, although to know itself that all they are interrelated, at some moment. One knows that it has interdisciplinaridade between all the areas. The base of the interdisciplinaridade comes of the necessity of if incorporating elements of other areas, and, therefore, it happens the possibility of if breaching and having a critical one of the borders of sciences that are being studied.

Thus, one perceives that it has a necessity of if incorporating in one definitive area, or methodology, other consolidated questions of similar areas. The object of study of the Arquivstica and the Science of the Information is the information. For the first one, the information that is contained in documents, is intrinsic, restricted to the object. Already for second, it studies the information in the direction amplest, in the broad sense.