SAILING Messages

The Internet is one of the medias, that stops sailing the user has that it has that to look for to have security in the interpretation of the information that if find in unknown sites, e-mails, messages. People that to understand that the Internet has the disposal many sites, with false content and badly-intentioned people, that are the hunting of personal information account would bank, cpf, idt and address to be able to give the blow in the people. All access in site of electronic commerce, social nets, banks and services in general has that to have protection in the security of the information as for the procedure where internauta uses the name of the user and password to open a clica site and not if in leaving, it is only worried to close the window of the navigator of the Internet and being thus left its data for the indesejadas people. I register in cadastre it in sites of banks and services are necessary that if it never creates safe passwords with numbers and letters with less than 06 characters, the passwords must periodically be changed in view of that hackers all day they are finding new ways of if benefiting of the people. The social nets today are a tool that internautas are ultilizando for exchange of information and knowledge and the plagues are exploring the services of messages, emitting messages that links for virus contains, the people for innocence are made use the exchange of messages clicam in these links.

The Spam is e-mails indesejados is a concern for internauta that ultiliza the email to order its messages and to divulge businesses and services. These e-mails many times comes with offers for internauta or a supposed notice what internauta has to be intent is when receiving messages that ask for to open archives in its annex. To buy in the Internet is symbol of rapidity and comfort in having products and services, and for this it is important to know that to buy in recognized sites that cadeado has or a security guard key that confirms the authenticity of the site, pagseguro is a site that internauta can buy with traquilidade and have its money in return for the insatisfao of the product. We can conclude that internauta always has that to be worried when it is to sail in the Internet, looking for the security in the access of the information. It learns pass-I pass as to improve the security in the Internet.