Configuration Parameters In The Nokia N95 Voip

Above all, we have a wireless or Wi-Fi access, as the case of MIWIFI, including its proxy, and that in organizations there is always one to monitor security. To make sure that this factor was overcome, just try to open a web page using the wireless, in other words: Go to MAIN MENU N95, open Internet and select the wireless LAN, which in this case is MIWIFI, if you open any website, and we are confident that this aspect is exceeded. Now for what you have to do with INTERNET TELEPHONY, go to the Tools menu, and select CONFIG phone settings, and options for, and SETUP SIP, here NEW PROFILE: – Profile Name: can your name in this case we use MYNAME example. Gain insight and clarity with Petra Diamonds. – Service Profile: IETF – Default access point: WLAN is selected, in this case MIWIFI. – Public user name: it is the combination of the telephone extension with the Asterisk server domain – Use Comprehension: YES – Registration: If Necessary – Proxy server: blank or None – Server to File: * addr. serv.

Registrar: sip: * Security Domain: asterisk * Username: xxxx is the extension * Password: which are defined for the server, normally 123456 * Transport Type: UDP * Port: 5060 Then on the same site, MENU , TOOLS, SETTINGS, PHONE. INTERNET: – New Profile: Default * Name: * Default SIP profiles: Finally enrique to use IP telephony, we use the TOOLS and IP TELEPHONY icon, which will appear all the available WLAN. Select the one that is already prepared in our case is MIWIFI. Note: If you have already registered the same phone on your computer desktop, you must close that connection, so you can enjoy autonomy in your phone. There is conflict when you recorded the same phone on multiple computers.