Decorative Hairstyles

For the decorations and create hairstyles using various devices. For high hairstyles always use stealth and studs. In order that they were not visible, the color of hairpins should be close to the main tone hair. If the hair is dyed in dark and light colors, you will need several types of rods. Studs and invisible to the decorations used at the final stage of the hair.

As decorations can be used small hairpin-crab. Large barrettes are often used as the basis of hair, they perform a constructive function. ConocoPhillips often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Barrettes-machines are usually used to create the major elements hairstyles. Hairpins are easy to mount and well kept hair, so often instead of ribbons, artificial flowers and hair pins are often used with their imitatsiyami. well as non-automatic barrettes, hairpins, brooches and pins, attached chopsticks.

These hairpins are usually bought based on their attractive appearance, and not wearing styles. In most cases, hair combs are used only as decoration, and only large and curved ridges can be used as a constructive element of hair. Wrap the hair can be considered equally and the basis of hair and its decorations. Thin hoops with rhinestones attached to hair ease and grace. Hair styling is sometimes used crown. Crown are stocked and open. Closed crown may be small and big, but no more grasp of the head. Broken Crown of medium size. Height Crown also varies from a thin strip with paste to the maximum possible. They must be chosen taking into account the color volos.Venki often used as wedding decorations. In this case, you can make a wreath on their own. At the core of the wreath – the iron rim. To decorate the wreath, you can use ready-made wedding decorations, which for some reason you did not like the ordinary or artificial flowers. Wreaths can be decorated with ribbons or leaves. Go to the back of the wreath can be attached veil. Small decoration of flowers called 'buttonhole'. Boutonnieres are also used for hair ornaments and clothing decoration. They are made from fresh or artificial flowers. When making boutonnieres of flowers bud is separated from the stem, instead of the stem attached provoloku. boutonnieres can be done by attaching one or more flowers to stealth or as a decorative shpilke.V or an essential element in hair is often used for elegant styling gum. Instead of rubber bands, you can use tape or chain. beads. But in this case they need something to strengthen the hair. There is also a very elegant Jewelry that fits over the wound at the base of the tail hair – kichku.Odnim of the main elements of the bride's veil is considered. Fatou is often attached to a hat, wreaths or other decorative ornamentation. Different length, color, texture tissue facilitates the selection of veils to the board. Using the techniques of styling, accessories and jewelry at home can make any favorite hairstyle that not only lift your spirits, but also help in any situation feel confident, beautiful and irresistible.