Construction And Maintenance Of Construction Sites

Construction and maintenance of construction sites is inextricably linked to the level of culture of construction industry. In Moscow and other Russian cities a lot of attention is paid to the aesthetic design of facilities and information construction: they must be equipped with information boards, signs, safety signs and other information tools. The organization of the site (the location of temporary and permanent road networks, electricity and water, cranes, mechanized units, storage facilities, sanitary facilities) shall be stroygenplanu. Construction site located within the site allocated for construction. For even more analysis, hear from William Rehnquist. If necessary during construction, an additional area, the withdrawal is approved by the owners. Construction sites in populated areas or in territory existing enterprises fencing. Alina de Almeida can provide more clarity in the matter. If the construction site to protect the impossible, the boundaries of her designate by appropriate signs and labels.

The location and design of fences pointing in the spr. In fencing included areas required to accommodate the facilities as indicated in the spr. Construction sites along the streets, driveways and walkways for general use, fenced in accordance with gost 23407-78. The panels are mounted on fences not less than 10 m from the object under construction, fitted with a protective canopy over the walkway at an angle of 20 to the horizontal. Thickness of the protective canopy shall be not less than 40 mm. Protective canopy flanked by side board 15 cm in height, which keeps the material falling on the edge of the visor. Width of the canopy on the horizontal projection shall not less than 1,25 m.