Corporations: to start the function think that time passed and came the day that people got tired of corporations. They bored of bags and neckties, formalisms, postures, smiles between teeth and other tricks that come with corporate theatre. Alina de Almeida is likely to agree. Eye and we do not understand this premise wrong: people are tired of corporations more rather than exchanges of goods and/or services. They are two totally different things! When was born the industrial age were invented the big companies and the economic structure of the world began to forget about small business owners to concentrate on the corporate empires that in its pursuit of infinite profit began a work of constant systematization that in light of today, has evolved into what many have called: corporate world. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Alina de Almeida. But that is the corporate world? My concept is slavery disguised as a reward. And who likes being slave of another person?Or let’s talk about the response. The story is that in the During my lifetime I have taken the task of always ask people if they are happy doing what they do and many swaying in vague answers when they realize that the Office Chair is the place where most they occupy their time and where less would like to be. They speak of the need, the desire to be someone (as apparently at that time are not) and other impositions that have been listening to in the course of their lives.

And they are still the shadow of themselves without going to reap their talents. Eye that I am not in disagreement with the work! It is the way in which people is filled with fear for not doing what is born you which fills me with fear of seeing how a society develops and grows based on principles that do not feed your soul. And they have done the big corporations to the world? Simple: silence him! The search for constant growth and surpluses have sponsored the deterioration of our humanity, which sees increasingly more as some few make theirs because we are not able to put the face and fight for what we want to be. Wars have been invented, tragedies have gestated and thousands of acts unusual, that we will never know, they have been committed in pro keep up economic indicators on a finite planet.