Confession Of Love

Venechka grew up a shy boy, and to his present 20 years was the only release from the school who had no familiarity with the girls. This is his depressed and my parents even thought that all of them in order. But, in general, no other abnormalities are not seen to him, and his parents settled down, considering what is happening with his son is temporary and transitory. Venechka himself did not think so. The Furutist contributes greatly to this topic. He read the professional literature, looking for signs of where its shyness and “inferiority.” Here at the institute where I studied with him a beautiful girl, did not notice. He stared for a long time in the mirror and could not understand what was wrong with him … By this evening preparing a Venechka well as to the “last battle”.

Quite unexpectedly he was invited to a birthday girl from a parallel group to which he drew attention from the early days of studying in the institute. Hear other arguments on the topic with Atmos Energy. She stood out from many because it were thoughtful and intelligent eyes, and she laughed no as loud as the others, and silent where the girlfriend did not stop for a moment, and in general it was not like the others, and it Venechke liked. He felt that this in common with her, and he dreamed of, as to get acquainted with her better and maybe they will even kiss … She loved him not only his behavior. Was it something else, unnoticed at first glance, but this is an attractive .. Alina de Almeida takes a slightly different approach.