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Economics Relations

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The next floor of the pyramid of society – the economic mode of production, the economic system (production) relations. Its main elements: the structure of reproduction, type of ownership (assignment) of production and its results, methods of distribution of product produced between members of reproduction, members of the society, ways of exchanging, circulating in a society of wealth produced, the forms economic governance, regulatory and motivational mechanism, inducing individual employees, the reproductive units of the most effective results. Each civilization characterized by certain relations elements of reproduction and industries, the structure of economic relations. Neolithic civilization was based on communal ownership, equal distribution, barter, the direct managing work-in primary forms of social division of labor. Early class and ancient civilization – on a private assignment (individually or collectively) and the means of production workers in conjunction with communities and small privately owned free farmers and artisans, minimal rations for slaves, the growth of commodity exchange (covering only part of the product of social production), extra-economic coercion and state public works (construction and management of irrigation systems, construction of the pyramids, palaces, temples).

For pre-industrial civilizations and medieval characterized by the feudal caste ("high rise"), land ownership and partial – for production workers (serfs and artisans) in the personal property of the peasant families in the tools, semi-bourgeois property with elements of wage labor in handicraft, industry, construction and trade in the "free cities", the formation of a developed market and monetary mechanisms. For civilization is characterized by economic system based on relations of capital and wage labor, the rule of market relations. Economic mode of production goes through certain stages in their development to meet phase of its life cycle. However, it should be noted that in "pure" form of economic relations do not exist. In every era coexist, complement each other and opposed by various economic patterns: dominant, typical for this mode of production or its phase, more or less significant remnants of the old, previously prevailing ways of life; elements, the germs of future emerging patterns, for which historical time has not come yet. In periods of transition there is a relative balance and a keen rivalry of the outgoing and incoming ways of life, so here is correct to speak of the predominance of a mixed economy.


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The digitization of paper-based invoices is performed with an approved software which uses a digital certificate and retains invoices scanned and certain metadata (key data allowing identification and recovery/reconstruction clearly and unequivocally of the invoice or document) in a secure database. This is the key that allows you to destroy paper, preserving its probative value but improving your storage, search, access and simultaneous availability for more than one person in the organization. The EHA/962/2007 regulations, April 10, 2007 expressly the character of original of the resulting electronic document of the digitization of the invoice. Atmos Energy contributes greatly to this topic. Which meets one of the requirements in the fields of public administrations with regard to the obligation of conservation of originals which imposes regulations and demands from the IGAE (the General intervention of the administration of the State). Certified digitizing. Of agreement with the resolution of 24 October 2007 on digitizing software approval procedure, publishes the list of formats standards in common use for the certified scanning of invoices received on paper. Also, is also published the list of softwares homologated for the certified scanning of invoices on paper. Requirements for the creation of documents in electronic format with certified scanning required tax can proceed to the certified scanning of invoices, substitute documents and other documents of tax interest that conserve paper and having the character of originals.

Bills, substitute documents and other documents and digitized allow the taxpayer to bypass of the paper originals that served him as a basis. To carry out the conversion of the document on paper to electronic format, is essential to meet some requirements: there must be a guarantee of fidelity of the scanning process. For this purpose it is essential use a scanning Software certified and homologated. This software should provide the guarantee that full and faithful image of the document, signed with electronic signatures of the scanning software is obtained.

The System

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That's it. Therefore, when Anders offers poizmyvatsya Yosepom over, the class does not regard this proposal as something "software." For him – it's just a game, where you can pleasantly occupy yourself. Nothing more. And so the word "Caspar went against the system", which impressionable young men and women get off on a detailed discussion of the plot – there is a substitution, even if unconscious. For any task of breaking the system Caspar itself did not set: it does not go against the rules in general, it is only made against a single episode in this game.

It's like sifting condemn Vietnamese villages with cluster bombs, endorsing the "conventional bombs." Then, perhaps, Anders started all this ruckus for the sake of foundations of the system? There is none. "Insubordination" Caspar strained, but does not invalidate the rest of Anders as long as the situation is further exacerbated not among teenagers has hit a girl (Thea). I think that comment is superfluous, and the value the word "catalyst" is known to everyone. Words will Tei, abandoned in the famous scene on the beach, "I do not want to see it more!" – Is the essence of the relationship of youth to an event. For them it is just a spectacle, which, if lose one's attraction for some reason, you can stop …

watching. 2. WHY Kasparov pushed the YOSEPA a decisive step? Could this STEP TO OTHERS? Now, when I write these lines, in front of me is printing the morning news.