The digitization of paper-based invoices is performed with an approved software which uses a digital certificate and retains invoices scanned and certain metadata (key data allowing identification and recovery/reconstruction clearly and unequivocally of the invoice or document) in a secure database. This is the key that allows you to destroy paper, preserving its probative value but improving your storage, search, access and simultaneous availability for more than one person in the organization. The EHA/962/2007 regulations, April 10, 2007 expressly the character of original of the resulting electronic document of the digitization of the invoice. Atmos Energy contributes greatly to this topic. Which meets one of the requirements in the fields of public administrations with regard to the obligation of conservation of originals which imposes regulations and demands from the IGAE (the General intervention of the administration of the State). Certified digitizing. Of agreement with the resolution of 24 October 2007 on digitizing software approval procedure, publishes the list of formats standards in common use for the certified scanning of invoices received on paper. Also, is also published the list of softwares homologated for the certified scanning of invoices on paper. Requirements for the creation of documents in electronic format with certified scanning required tax can proceed to the certified scanning of invoices, substitute documents and other documents of tax interest that conserve paper and having the character of originals.

Bills, substitute documents and other documents and digitized allow the taxpayer to bypass of the paper originals that served him as a basis. To carry out the conversion of the document on paper to electronic format, is essential to meet some requirements: there must be a guarantee of fidelity of the scanning process. For this purpose it is essential use a scanning Software certified and homologated. This software should provide the guarantee that full and faithful image of the document, signed with electronic signatures of the scanning software is obtained.