Engine Equipment

The final stage of regulation produced during the engine for the indicator diagrams (normal, expanded, shifted, diagrams, combs, etc.), as well as pressure and temperature of gases, cooling water and oil. Regulation of the workflow is reduced to bringing its operational parameters and characteristics to values recommended by the builder. The parameters are: maximum combustion pressure p g, the pressure in end of compression pc, the average pressure over time pt, mean indicated pressure p c, tr exhaust temperatures in the cylinders, the average temperature of exhaust gases for the exhaust manifold tr.K As a result, management must be received by the nominal engine power, even its distribution in the cylinders and the minimum specific fuel consumption. The values of Pc, Pr, Pt, and pi should be checked: every 100-150 hours of engine operation, but not less once per flight, when it detects malfunction of one or more cylinders (raising or lowering the temperature of exhaust gas or the pressure of blowing air, etc.) after the regulation of fuel equipment replacement injector or fuel pump, , or replacement of parts cpg, the transition to work on a new grade of fuel. The temperature of exhaust gases in the cylinders and the average for the exhaust manifold is measured every hour. Regulation of the engine start with the steady thermal mode and a power equal to 50% of nominal. The difference of temperatures of exhaust gases from individual cylinders in the range 40-50 C is admissible, and regulation on this basis is not required.