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Solenoid Valves

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Every year the interest in the solenoid valves is growing rapidly, as evidenced by statistical data. The main reason for this growth is the automation of the technologies, the need to reduce dimensions and mass indexes of complete installations. As well as increasing requirements of environmental regulations and quick-input mixer. The simplicity of design, installation and reliability allows you to apply solenoid valves in virtually all industries. For all the variety of names: solenoid valves, solenoid valves, solenoid valves, solenoid valve, solenoid, , etc., has one functionality and tighter. They are installed in pipelines and open or override the flow of the working environment (depending on what type of valve it is – normally open or normally closed). The functioning of these valves occurs when the signal from the control systems or additional sensors installed in direct contact with the solenoid. Solenoid valves are used in the apcs and energy technologies, nuclear industry, engineering, oil & gas and petrochemical industries, in heating systems, water supply and water supply, gas supply, etc. Solenoid valve – this is the most affordable solution for automating the management of flows of liquids and gases.

Engine Equipment

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The final stage of regulation produced during the engine for the indicator diagrams (normal, expanded, shifted, diagrams, combs, etc.), as well as pressure and temperature of gases, cooling water and oil. Regulation of the workflow is reduced to bringing its operational parameters and characteristics to values recommended by the builder. The parameters are: maximum combustion pressure p g, the pressure in end of compression pc, the average pressure over time pt, mean indicated pressure p c, tr exhaust temperatures in the cylinders, the average temperature of exhaust gases for the exhaust manifold tr.K As a result, management must be received by the nominal engine power, even its distribution in the cylinders and the minimum specific fuel consumption. The values of Pc, Pr, Pt, and pi should be checked: every 100-150 hours of engine operation, but not less once per flight, when it detects malfunction of one or more cylinders (raising or lowering the temperature of exhaust gas or the pressure of blowing air, etc.) after the regulation of fuel equipment replacement injector or fuel pump, , or replacement of parts cpg, the transition to work on a new grade of fuel. The temperature of exhaust gases in the cylinders and the average for the exhaust manifold is measured every hour. Regulation of the engine start with the steady thermal mode and a power equal to 50% of nominal. The difference of temperatures of exhaust gases from individual cylinders in the range 40-50 C is admissible, and regulation on this basis is not required.

Organization Management

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For the technical operation of specific STSiK responsible person command staff (boatmen) in whose superintendence they located. For the technical use of the vessel, STSiK responsible carry out their duties are on duty crew members. The captain of the vessel has the right to transfer the general management of the organization of work on technical operation of the chief engineer. Team composition (boatmen) must know the principles of work performance, especially under his supervision, and must ensure that it is in good state, constant readiness for action, the planned submission of the supervisory authorities to survey and observe the rules of technical documentation. All STSiK be used for its intended purpose.

Near they should be posted instructions on how to prepare them to work, launching, supervision, withdrawal from activities, certified starmehom or First Mate of Captain. In accordance with international regulations, instructions and schemes are posted in English and Russian languages. When you receive the ship commanders face (boatmen) are required to: – check STSiK under his supervision, to see them in operation. – Review for completeness, maintenance documentation and terms of the ship's papers at his superintendence; – personally present subordinates – to check availability of supply, documentation, regulations, national and international regulatory acts – the area in an act of acceptance of the issue and reports to inform the chief engineer or chief mate, the last report to reports, respectively, the captain of the ship. When you change the master or starmeha, or First Mate person commanders (boatmen) report to a report of the technical condition of the area respectively interchangeable chief engineer or the Chief Mate, the last report to a report of technical condition of the vessel master.

The court must be provided with supplies to the standards laid down by national and international regulations, taking into account the region of their operation. For completeness and timeliness allocation of funds for this purpose is responsible owner. Application captain serves as the basis for delivery to a supply ship. Drawing application based on the rules and plans, as well as its actual presence on the ship. Equipment, Spare parts, materials and other supplies used in maintenance and repair, must have certificates confirming their quality and compliance with standards and specifications.