GmbH Industriestrasse

G & H provides security for transport of any kind imposes GmbH Roth Schenk in AUB/Wurzburg road traffic regulations (StVO), are …dass to store a charge including the devices for securing and loading facilities, and to ensure that even in hard braking or sudden evasive action not slip, fall over, roll back and forth, fall or cause avoidable noise can. These are the recognized rules of the technology note…” To meet the regulations, cargo positively made and should be loaded. No problem for G & H GmbH Rothschenk from AUB/Wurzburg with the website, which is engaged in the development and production of cargo securing systems. The innovative company offers personalized service according to the load to be transported and special productions with faster processing. On the website interested can check out the offerings of the anti-slip mat over load protection, air cushion, edge protection, straps, To special lashing systems inform storage pad.

Special designs, planning, covers, lifting devices, and air cushion for permanent installations are available also in addition. Transportation how important is also the common and sometimes dangerous truck but not only the rest of the traffic accidents, their charging is inadequately secured. G & H GmbH Rothschenk offers expert technical advice and individual adaptation of the products. Since transport and envelope is not only for men seminars for women which stabilize the self-confidence and the new roles that now occupy women in male professions, are offered. The know-how for the correct charge systems especially in restraint systems, fast and uncomplicated processing certified by the TuV Rheinland provides Academy security and last but not least, guarantee a successful transport.