New Advertising System

The youth radio now even youth is marketed FM, as the name suggests, an online radio by and for young people. Around the clock, the latest music for young people will be sent on, but you have also the best hits from the 80s and 90s there to listen. No matter whether one of the numerous presenters, DJs or trainees currently on the air, at any time you get played the best music for free. Although once a moderator on the spot, is on air”still the playlist. The youth FM youth radio already exists since 2007. The charts are determined by the audience itself be played every Sunday from 5-7 pm and are one of many highlights in our program. “But also if your own favorite song not to hear, there is still the wish and greeting box, in the to is not only its” music may want, but greet his friends. But also in the chat at any time very much is going on.

If you just stay a little with his friends blabber”would like to, so there is just right. Super change to chat offers also the Forum or the youth FM team peak server, which complete the initial concept of a diverse and active community. However, not only the music in the foreground stands with us: If you want to know what is going on in the world or they want to read interesting news about your stars and favorite songs, one is with us also at the right address. A large and dedicated team of editors is always the most important for them on the spot. Youth FM offers plenty of variety and a lot more so. For this reason, there is a new advertising system for some time. This can be advertising on the stream, as well as on the home page. This is possible already for 3 euro per day, whereby here the various discounts (partly over 28% discount compared to the normal price) are included.

The special thing about our pricing system is also that the advertising is billed by the day. That means that, no matter how many people are viewing your advertisements or on it then, pay only a certain fixed price. The minimum reservation period is just one day. To get a current price list, so send an email to please. To make sure that you also not deducted from us and we promise you 100% reliability, the advertising system gives statistics, how often the advertisement was displayed and clicked on. Advertising on the stream, a dashboard can be created on request. We hope that we have aroused your curiosity and would appreciate a visit or a request of them.