Important Search

One of the ways to acquire the excellency as professional of YOU is to search improvements in the technique. The programmer looks for to codify in little time and with better quality moving the work method; the specialist in nets he improves the performance; the manager of projects creates methodologies of its industry to minimize the risks of the project. Each one inside of its specialty, studies what it makes and dumb the technique to improve it, modifying the activities, the tools and the people execute who it. However, the improvement of the technique in itself is not the only way to improve the final service that is given. Many times, we must make a radical change in the work form, questioning the technique in its bedding. To question and to know the reason of the technique are so important how much to know to execute it with perfection. Therefore we can modify it na structure, improving the result quickly.

A good example of this argument is the techniques that maximize the localization of sites for the buscadores. Goal, contents and I register in cadastre of word-keys are techniques that use the knowledge of as the buscadores function. These in turn are structuralized in reason of the behavior of internauta when searching an information. Therefore, so that the techniques function, it is important that let us capture the behavior of the consumer. If the site divulges services, searches which is its necessities as they search the information. From this bedding we come back to the technique and we change the content of the site, that starts to be more directed for who search the product. This process of regression can taking in them until a principle. For example, when we confrot in them with a problem in our infrastructure, we can asking in them if really a cause for the problem in question exists.