Interactive Computers

The social impact and is very close to the Cuban and therefore a universal, leading to changes in traditional forms of teaching and learning. The school allows better use of our sense organs. The use of the Cuban school can and should contribute to the transmission of information, achieving greater retention of knowledge acquired through them can transmit a larger amount of information in the least, helping teaching is more active. From the foregoing emerges Scientific Problem: How to contribute to raising the assimilation of information and from the use of computers and how important is for the professional future? The object of research: the teaching-related field of information and understanding by the learner of the importance it represents for our future and the training of professionals. The: to develop a proposal for activities to raise the student information from courses for workers in the subject of computers in the teaching-learning process, where there is an ample of this with computers forming a set of mental and motor skills for their own development. To guide the investigation process was formulated scientific question: how teachers can raise the level of understanding of students Courses for Workers in the health teaching unit on the importance of computerization in this branch . For the development of this in, there were a number of activities: Activity for initial work with the computer.

Activities with Windows Explorer. Activities with word processors. Exercises with treatments in the network and its functioning. Outlook Express email tool. Development The objective of this proposal is simply to develop skills to support the link between information technology and interactive student understanding in reference to need to know what digital media as a means of disseminating information and the importance that this brings about its development as a future professional and worker training as any of the branches of health, which are being subjected to the development of new digital techniques for increased viability and use.

This highlights the importance to be given by Computer to the creation of deeper study habits and more interactive for students for their development at par with the Revolution that is being aimed at the computer for being a constantly. In the proposed activities are aimed at developing motor skills in students, in creating, working with the Explorer, with Future Collection, which can be carried through, well, work with local networks (), networks such as global and INFOMED, promoting the understanding by the student, the importance of proper update on this branch and develop in a medium that able to work different areas of health and travel at the same development. In our work we can arrive at the following conclusions: The systematic work Computing Course has helped to update students and teachers. This experience has motivated students and teachers to deepen their knowledge about information technology. Computing can be largely a solution to problems that arise when solving problems in the social context. The can serve as a motivational tool within the classes of other subjects. The computer is a means by which to enjoy a host of statistical information and enrich the professional work. The teachers in the territory have been benefited with the development of Computing in the sense of self-preparation and that all information displayed on digital media.