Kensington Palace

In the inverse corner, you will see Covent Garden, historic market that today is again in operation. Here are also the Royal Opera House and the Royal Ballet School, in addition to numerous bars, restaurants and businesses to make purchases. A well deserved brake to walk as much. After lunch and lowering all the street is Leicester Square, pedestrian plaza full of cinemas, nightclubs, theater and bars right next to Chinatown, which deserves to be known. Piccadilly Circus, a square invaded by posters of neon and shopping environment is located further down on the same street. Taking advantage of all the options here, better to finish the day with a drink out there, and return to rest to continue the journey the next day. The third day already you will be more tired, so it is advisable to take the journey with more tranquility. Starting from Victoria Metro station, climbing towards the great St.

James Park, we’ll see Buckingham Palace and the monument to Queen Victoria. On the other side of the street you’ll see the Green Park. Wllington arch marks the union of both parks and a little more tells the story of the city. And there too the Hyde Park, famous for its artificial lake, where is located nearby the Kensington Palace and a fountain in honour to the Princess Diana de Gales. On the other side of the Park, are the traditional and renowned Harrods stores, ideal for carrying gifts of homecoming. In passing, London Oratory within the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Museum of art and design can be known.

With so much history in your head, it will be time to eat something rich and drink something good to begin returning home. Three exciting days can reach for a city so rich. In your next impulse do not hesitate to take the following flights London and realize this unique tour. YUMI DIRECT BLOG Blog Archive New Covent Garden Store Opening! Late skate at Somerset House Wonderland Magazine Cabinet War Rooms Step into History London Spotted by Locals L Artisan Parfumeur in Covent Garden shopping for perfume in London: Now Smell This London Museums and Art Galleries with Free Entry Livraria de Artes